June 1, 2011

Inappropriate pool fun

We opened the pool last Thursday, and the boys could not wait to get into the water. The water was very cold, like Polar Bear Plunge cold, but this did not deter them. They are part reptile.

Last winter when we were visiting my parents down in Florida, we went on The Jungle Queen, and one of its stops is a little island that houses an alligator wrestler and his gators. He performs a one man show with two alligators, one of whom is named Big Sexy.

Last summer we were given some rafts and floats by a family member who was closing up their pool for good. Among the inflatables was a gigantic alligator which the boys have affectionately named- you knew where this was headed, didn't you- Big Sexy.

Joe was trying to ride Big Sexy, but he is, well, he is big, and hard to climb up on when you are little. Jeremy was helping him.

Although Jeremy's help more resembled pushing, jostling, shifting, sliding, and a whole lotta laughing.

"Here. Just get.your.legs.up.like.this. Why are you so squirmy, Joe?"

Mission accomplished. But not for long. They decided to get on the gator together.

Hilarity ensues.

And then it is over. "Hey! Jeremy! Let's do it again!"

You can imagine how funny it is to hear the kids call this thing Big Sexy. Last night when Kevin had arrived home from work, Jeremy ran to meet him.

"Dad?" he said. "Can you fill Big Sexy up?"

"Fill up who? What?"

And the neighbors! All the shouts of the kids?

"Stop jumping on Big Sexy!"

"Go and get Big Sexy."

Someone is going to report us, I just know it.

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