January 27, 2012

Fashion Friday

I attended a small, private Christian school during high school. We did not have a dress code per se, but we were required to wear a skirt or dress to school every day. I really did not have a problem with this as I loved coming up with new outfits, and my mother is a wonderful seamstress who was always sewing some funky new thing for my sister and me.

I love fashion, and I love looking cute. But in the past few years I have been in a slump. Oh, I still rock the latest fashion when I have a special occasion, or when I go to church, but for an everyday look? Well, I have adopted a uniform, two actually, that I am not proud of. My first outfit consists of a pair of very forgiving stretch boot cut jeans and a red v-neck tee. I wear this one mainly in the warmer months. The second outfit consists of a pair of Old Navy Sweetheart jeans, a white turtle neck and a navy Boy Scout hooded sweatshirt. I sport that lovely ensemble with Kevin's Ugg slippers and wool socks, mainly because our house is only a few degrees warmer than the city morgue.

The other day I put on my skinny jeans, brown tee shirt, and this cardigan that I recently purchased at Target. I put on some earrings and a sweet little pair of brown ballet flats. The kids were staring at me as if I sprouted another head.

"Mom." my oldest said. "You look so...colorful."

You know that you have reached a new level of cool when your 15 year old son notices your clothes.

So in honor of that, I have decided to make more of an effort every day to look more colorful. I know that I have Annette Funicello hair in this picture, please try to ignore it.

Exhibit A: colorful from Goodwill.

I bought that yellow sweater for $3.oo at Goodwill. Everything else was not $3.oo, but close enough.

I plan on doing a Fashion Friday post every week with my own clothes. I have decided to put the whammy on myself. Fellow moms of the world who are stuck in the mom uniform rut, won't you join me?


Kevin said...

I think you look fabulous.

Dy said...

You do look fabulous! But I love my ON Sweetheart jeans. (Yes, I'm in a slump. Wanna come down here and help?)