January 31, 2005

Everybody is a comedian

Yesterday was a day full of laughs. Kevin was telling me about something Jeremy did on Saturday. We still had Oreo's left from the snowstorm and Jeremy wanted to have some. Kevin said no because of all the snacks he had eaten at the Pinewood Derby. He also told him that it was better to not eat the Oreo tonight because then he would have a snack for tomorrow. Jeremy wasn't biting the line he was being fed! Unbeknownst to Kevin, Jeremy went ahead and took an Oreo anyway. I guess he must have been riddled with guilt because Saturday night Kevin was putting him to bed and they had an interesting conversation:
Jeremy: Daddy, I took that Oreo before when you told me not to.
Kevin: Do you know that is stealing?
Pause from said thief.... Well I was going to eat it tomorrow anyway!
Typical Jeremy!

Kevin to his wife:
Me: I am so impressed with myself at being able to put links on my sidebar!
Kevin: Why don't you do figure out how to break into the National Treasury?
Me: Yeah, that will happen!
Kevin: It's people like you who stumble into the Pentagon.

We stopped at WaWa and there was a man in a big truck blocking two parking spaces. I said squeeze in there just to annoy him. Kevin looked at me and said "I cannot believe you have never been the victim of road rage." Not saying much for my driving is it!!

Well the boys and I are off to ski! Have a great day!


Kim said...

I just a nice look at your pictures, Laney. What beautiful, beautiful boys!

Laney said...

Thanks Kim!!

Dy said...

LOL! Your conversations w/ Kevin sound an awful lot like mine w/ Charles. I got such a great chuckle out of these quotes.

Keep an eye on that little one, too- he's pretty smart! :-)


gina said...

Well, i've decided to start reading everyone's first post, to learn more about them, see how things have changed- well nothing's changed at your place-
everyone's still a comedian
you skiied all winter and
you are still
traffic-challenged. :)

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