February 1, 2005

Another Ski Adventure

Yesterday was our weekly ski day at Shawnee Mountain. What a great day we had!! John had a major wipeout his first time down and that was a little discouraging for him. Also not fun for me as I had to remove my skis and run up the mountain, skis and poles in hand, to retrieve him. He was frustrated because he could not get the ski back on. Yours truly never gave the kid a lesson in pressing down the back tab before putting the boot in the ski! Once we got the ski back on him I asked him if he wanted me to ski down with him and he informed me he that has to do it by himself. Alrighty then!

Jeremy made an amazing improvement! I was bursting with pride watching my baby ski on his own and learn from his mistakes. I ski him down the steep part of the mountain and when it levels off I let him go by himself. I usually hold on to the back of his jacket to help him control the speed otherwise he is just an orange blur flying down the hill. By the end of the day he really got the hang of the "pizza pie" to aid in slowing himself down.

John is great on the chair lift by himself but I need to go with Jeremy, mostly to help him get up on the chair itself. He has no problem getting off at the top though. We had some deep theological discussions on the lift.
Jeremy: Who was the first one born.
Me: John, honey, he is older then you.
Jeremy: No, I mean in the bible.
Me: Well that would be Cain. Remember, God created Adam and Eve so they were not born from a mom and dad but Cain was. Cain had a brother Abel and and he killed him.
Jeremy: You know that, too?

He is always surprised when I know something that he has been taught by someone else. My brother used to ask my mom how she knew things and she used to say, "I learned it in motherhood school." He really thought there was such a place because after a while he would just say, "You learned that in motherhood school, right mom?" Maybe I should start using that line!

Jeremy and I took a spill our third time down and he was upset that he fell. I explained to him that it is important to fall because you learn what not to do. (He crossed his tips.) I also told him that everyone falls down, it is just a part of skiing but getting back up is what matters. Sure enough, he got back up and wanted to go again.

I saw something yesterday that struck me as being very odd. Hassidic Jewish girls skiing! How do I know they were Hassidic Jewish girls you ask? Well by their skirts, of course! I couldn't believe they were doing so well, I give them a lot of credit.

One last thing, it will be a miracle if we ever arrive without getting lost. Yesterday I completely missed the exit for Route 80. I called Kevin and he said," How could you have possibly missed that exit?" I said I didn't know, one minute we were listening to Adventures In Odyssey and the next minute we were lost! I had to turn around and we lost about 20 minutes. Oh well!


Jersey Girl said...

That's exactly what happens to me when I am driving. Next thing I know, I'm lost!

It's a good thing you're in such great physical shape. Just think how walking up the hill carrying skis and poles would be without the weight training, pilates, etc.

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