January 23, 2005

Snow Day!!

Well, just as The Weather Channel predicted, we had a winter storm! We are snowed in and I am loving it. Looking out the window and seeing the world blanketed in white is one of my favorite things. Last night Kevin and I were laying in bed listening to the wind blowing snow around and feeling very cozy and warm under the down comforter. My children are very excited to say the least.
John,the worker, has been outside since 8:15 shoveling the sidewalk and steps. He has such a servant's heart! Our neighbor, Nick, recently purchased a snow blower only to have it die on him in the hour of need. All of the neighborhood men are disappointed as well because the new toy is broken. They are forced to use the very unexciting snow shovel. So John says "Mommy, I'll go shovel for Mr.Nick. I think he is sad because he can't use his snow blower." So typical of my boy! Jeremy was outside for a while also but came in due to the cold. "Mommy", he said,"The snow was biting my nose!"
Keep warm, campers, it's a cold one today!!!

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