January 22, 2005

Art and Steven Speiberg

Yesterday was just as busy as the day before! Every other friday John and Jeremy have art down in Colts Neck. Their teacher is a wonderful christian lady named Mrs.Howe, she is the quintessential art person. They came home with their weaving projects and I was amazed at their ability to create art in so many mediums! (Insert lament here over not being able to upload photos of these beautiful creations)
I must confess we still are not back in our "normal" school routine. We have been diligent to accomplish our skill subjects but science and history have been sorely lacking. This begs the question: Can the movie "Jaws" be considered science and history?
Science: sharks and their, um, feeding patterns.
History: when Quint gives the detailed account of what happenend on the USS Indianapolis.

Proud mother moment:
As I was getting dressed yesterday John came upstairs, math book in hand, and said,"Mom, I understand the beginning but I need a little help on this part." I was so excited I could have exploded! You see we had not yet begun school, he took it upon himself to begin his work. Another benefit of homeschooling, a self-directed child!

The boys are gearing up for our "winter storm". I hope for their sake it will be as big as they are saying!!

Stay warm! (This does not apply to those of you who live in FLORIDA!!!)


Kim said...

Glad you got everything working for you! Good for you!

Anonymous said...
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Jersey Girl said...

You are becoming quite proficient with your computer. I am impressed.
I particularly enjoyed reading about John and his math schoolwork. Thanks for sharing that.

Dy said...

Yay! You're up 'n running! I love your math-moment. Those are the ones I tuck away for the not-so-tuckable moments that can sneak up on me. ;-)

It's gonna take a little getting used to you being Laney, rather than Elaine, but I love it! And I love the blog! Can't wait to read more!