January 20, 2005

Who let the reptiles in the house?

Ironically enough, it was I! Today I hosted our first homeschool field trip, in our home. I found http://thelizardguys.com thru a community newspaper at our local library. I went to their website and was very pleased with what I saw. I booked them and invited a bunch of other homeschool families. There were 25 kids plus 9 moms! WHEW!! A mansion, we do not have. Quarters were close but so were good friends and laughs.
We were quite pleased to see and touch a Gecko, turtle, frog, scorpion and a 13 foot python. (Insert sound of mother fainting here) Mother,now revived,realises she has a pair of shoes in her closet resembling said python.
A fine time was had by all!
Press On, my friends.


Anonymous said...

I was here,

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

It's good to have another WTMer to visit for my Tea With the Girls (and a few guys). I run, too. Although I'm pretty new at it.:-)

Sarah from Poppins Classical Academy