February 11, 2005

Build A Bear


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Yesterday we went to Build A Bear workshop for John's birthday. His birthday was last month but Grandma arrived in from Florida on Tuesday and she had promised him a day out. We all went to lunch and than hit the mall. I really can't believe what a great time they had. Both boys were meticulous in what they wanted their bears to look like. They were also able to name them and each received a birth certificate for the bear. They played with them all night and slept with them. It seems to me that "Chuck", Jeremy's bear and "John Bear", Johns bear are not your average bears! I suppose when you fashion something from your heart it takes on special meaning.


Anonymous said...

i love it.thank you grandma.
love, john.

Jersey Girl said...

I enjoyed going to build a bear too. I particularly liked the "clothes closet" section where you got to choose from such a wide selection of clothing items and acessories.
I love the bears John & Jeremy created. I am so glad they had fun.

Jersey Girl said...

Hey! Congratulations! You posted three pictures at once!

Donna Boucher said...

Very cute bears and very cute little boys!

Katie made a unicorn and still carries it around a month later. There must be something in the stuffing :o)