February 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Joe!!


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My baby is one already!! How time flies!! He was so funny with the cake, at first he was a little hesitant about eating it but then he really got int it. He recently discovered clapping his hands and when everyone is looking at him he will suddenly burst into applause for laughs. This baby is truly a joy and a blessing!


gina said...

Love the pics. Thanks for the info I haven't had much time lately but I'll be e-mailing you soon and trying out the new technique. :) I like that last pick - what JOY!

Dy said...

Oh! Can he be any CUTER!?!?! I don't know which picture I like the most- that expression in the first one is priceless, but so are those eyes- and, oh that smile (and I love baby clapping! Yay!) Happy Birthday, precious boy!