February 10, 2005


Many years ago I read a little book called "My Heart, Christs Home" by Robert Boyd Munger. It is a wonderful little book that tells a story of your heart being, literally, a house with different rooms. Jesus comes to live in the mans house and he is thrilled that Jesus is there and wants to do whatever Jesus asks of him. Jesus goes from room to room gently showing the man what needs to be changed. The man is glad to make the changes his Lord is asking him to, until Jesus gets to the secret closet. Basically the man says, "I have given you control of the whole house, can't I just have this little closet to myself?" The Lord tells him no, that He must be Lord of all things. The man says fine, I will give you the closet, but you have to clean it out because I do not have the strength to do it. The Lord is more then happy to oblige! I love that! God knows how weak I am, no matter the image I try to portray. All I have to do is ask, and he is there in my time of need. Why is the asking so hard? Sometimes I think it would be easier if I could just do, do, do. But He just wants me to ask. I think because the doing says "I am still fine by myself." The asking says "I really am not fine by myself." It is in my weakness that He is strong.

Homeschooling has been just that for me, something I am doing because I know God wants me to. This past week I have been asking, really asking for God to do thru me what He wants. It is hard to be that yielded vessel! My request everyday is to be more like Jesus. To be more loving, kind, thankful, patient (insert your own). To give God the key to open the secret closet.

As always, keep pressing on...


Meg said...

Hey Elaine!
I LOVE your Blog! I have one now too, I'll send you the site this weekend sometime if I can figure it out...Its good to read all about your days...you just crack me up and you awe me too. I want to catch a ride on the coat tails of your faith....
Love ya!

Laney said...

Meg, I tried to find your blog but nothing came up. Can you copy and paste the link to it. Or call me if you need tech support (ha-ha).
I am thrilled that you are blogging because I always love hearing what you have to say!

Meg said...

I have my Blog address it's:
I even figured out how to post some pictures! I LOVED the ones of the Build-A Bear workshop. I've always wanted to go there. It looks like alot of fun.

Dy said...

This is such a great reminder. Zorak and I were talking about this just last night- being the wife and mother God would have me be, and how there is no way I could come close on my own. Thankfully, we don't have to.

Keep praying!