February 3, 2005

Is it time for bed yet?

What a day it has been and it is only 1:45!! My only saving grace is I have been getting up early to have my prayer and bible reading time. I fear what my state of mind would be today had I not done this. I have a work issue going on right now that is really distracting me from anything else. You know that feeling you get when there is an unresolved issue? UGH!

John had a dentist appointment at 12:00 so dear pregnant sister watched Jeremy and Joe. My house is a mess, there will probably be no dinner, I have bible study tonight and our neighbor is coming over to put up our crown molding (yeah!!). I guess things could be worse, I could have something else to return to Wal-Mart!

I promised my dear brother before and after pictures of the kitchen. He was so sweet to Kevin and I this christmas because he spent a large part of his vacation hanging sheetrock and spackling our kitchen ceiling. It almost looks like a real kitchen. We have a really old house and it has been one project after another.

Sorry my thoughts are so scattered, I feel like my head is about to explode! Hmmm, where did I put that duct tape?

Get ready for the primal scream as I go round up my boys to sit down to start their school work.


Jersey Girl said...

Dad is probably sure duct tape can hold a head together.
Hurray! Hurray! The crown moulding looks so good.

Laney said...

Mom, Are you seeing things?? The crown molding is not up yet! I read your comment and almost fell off my chair laughing. Look at the pictures again, Mrs.Owl.:-)