February 2, 2005

Wal-Mart, A special kind of torture place!

Yesterday the boys and I ventured out with my dear sister who is due with her first child in about 2 weeks. She received many beautiful gifts from her baby shower but also a lot of doubles. We figured out which ones came from Wal-Mart and took a ride over there. Before you Wal-Mart lovers get your knickers in a knot I want to say, I am not bashing all Wal-Mart's or the customers who patronize them, just ours.

The Wal-Mart we went to is like walking into a third world country. It is something you need to see to believe. Unfortunately, we had items to return. So my sister got on the return line, which should have had a "Wait time from this point" sign. I hit McDonald's with the boys because I realized that it was 1:15 and I never fed Jeremy lunch. OOPS! I sat them down at a table, told John to make sure Joe didn't try to jump out of the cart (the strap was broken) and went to the counter to place the order. In typical Wal-Mart McDonald's fashion, the floor was sticky! After successfully lifting my feet, I placed my order, received my food and fed my children. Yes, children! Mob mentality= 1 gets Mickey D's, they all get Mickey D's!

Meanwhile back at customer service (a misnomer) , pregnant sister has been cut in line not once, but twice by people claiming to have "emergencies". Apparently Wal-Mart shoppers who "only want to buy a gift card" don't have to wait in line and if you get sent to Customer Service by another Wal-Mart employee you have line absolution.

Items were finally returned and we were off to shop. I will say this for Wal-Mart, they attract a w-i-d-e variety of interesting customers and they succeed in making the shoppers experience an unforgettable one!We were almost done when we happened on the Valentine's Day candy display. One bag of conversation hearts later we headed for the check-out. Amazingly enough, it went well. Usually someone needs a void or change or a price check.

When we were on our way home, the boys were reading the hearts and Jeremy asked me what his said. I told him it said "My Love" And I said, that's what you are, my love. He smiled and said, "I should give this one to God." Oh, there goes my heart!!

Finally,thanks to Dy over at Classic Adventures for the tutorial about how to use the cross out!:-)


Donna Boucher said...

Those loving comments from our children are just too wonderful and can only really be felt in our hearts!

My Katie is the only very verbal child I have...and she embarrasses me with the kindness of her words.

gina said...

Laney, thank you for your time and the lesson. Come back over to my blog and check out the finished product if you have a chance. Gina
ps. I had a terrible experience with Wal-Mart on pictures I had done before Christmas(long story) but the manager of the store said, "Oh, we just rent them the space, we can't help you get your money back" to which I replied(in a tone that belied my 25 minutes of wait time with 4 children, 20 minutes of incompetent service, 20 MORE minutes of waiting for said manager to even answer her page, "They are wearing Wal-Mart nametags, which identify them to me as Wal-Mart employees, which identifies Wal-Mart to me as the company I shall be suing if I do not get my money back this instant." Guess what? She had the authority to give me a refund. I graciously thanked her and upon exiting the store headed to McDonald's to treat my girls to luch for being so "patient"(term used loosely):) Thanks again.

Dy said...

LOL! Strike throughs are fun, aren't they? I'll admit it, I'm a Wal-Mart fan. But if we must eat, we'll hit Target first. *grin*

We, too, had a horrible experience w/ the Wal-Mart photographer. She was a wretched, swooping ogre of a woman who made my joyful, outgoing baby cringe and cry. Then she knocked him OFF the pedestal thing. Then she yelled at ME b/c my hand (hovering behind him to catch him again should she invade his person once more) appeared in the next four shots. She was horrible. Not a month later, she was behind us in line and had the GALL to comment, "Oh, he is just so precious. Why can't I ever get happy babies like this into the photo studio?" Oh yeah, I couldn't resist. I "filled her in"... and it felt good.

So, yeah, we get pictures at Sears. But I do love Wal-Mart. Just probably wouldn't enjoy yours a whole lot... ;-)