February 5, 2005

Kitchen After

Kitchen After Posted by Hello

Here is the finished product! In the other pictures you can see the black nail holes because I didn't putty them yet but everything else concerning the ceiling is finished. YEAH!! Our wonderful neighbor, who is a terrific carpenter, did all of the work and adamently refused payment. Jon, I think you will be very pleased when you see the work close up.

Then next project is the floor, any takers?? Mom? Dad? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Jersey Girl said...

Ahhh! Now that is crown moulding. You are so blessed! A wonderful brother plus a wonderful neighbor. Not to mention your wonderful mother who is going to help rip out the old kitchen floor and will be there in less that three days.
I love you.

Donna Boucher said...

I love it! Where did you buy your crown molding?

Laney said...

Donna, My hubby got it at Lowe's. It is actually baseboard molding upside down the then crown molding on that. We had a lot of space to fill in from where the paneling left off. Paneling was not our choice but what was here when we moved in. We have tried to gussy it up as best we can without sinking a lot of cash into it. You probably wanted the short answer and got the long one instead! :-)

mamabear said...

Hi Laney!
I just found you via Gina. Love your blog! I loved your entry about Walmart. I love the crown moulding in the kitchen. It looks fantastic! Come visit me if you get a chance.

MisFitToy said...

Shalom, Laney!
Nice job on the kitchen. I have several blogs you may be interested in Cathartic Musings, Johnnie's Home Improvements and Interior Decorating, and Prophetic Lifestylin'. The all can be reached via http://formermisfits.blogspot.com/

I haven't done crown mouldings yet, but have a big hankering to do so. What tools and angle cutting tips can you pass along? Can I post some of your before and after photos on my home improvement blog with a referral back to your blog?
Prosperous regards in Jesus Christ's love,
God Bless your Socks off!