February 6, 2005

Humble Pie

Twice this weekend I had to eat humble pie. It is an odd sort of thing because you always think it is going to taste awful but once you have eaten it you feel full, refreshed and somehow lighter (even though it is pie :-) )!

I wrote a long overdue letter to a friend from church. We had a falling out of sorts, last summer that lead to the demise of our blossoming friendship. It has bothered me since it happened but it is only lately that I have really felt God telling me to go and apologize. My first thought was, "But I didn't do anything wrong". I felt God tell me that my unloving response to her faux pas was wrong and I needed to make things right. I wrote her a letter because when I have to confront face to face I get too emotional and my thoughts become scattered. Writing her a letter was the best way for me to express my apology, it opened the door for further conversation. She hasn't gotten back to me yet but I feel a weight has been lifted and I am so thankful for God's grace and that I was obedient. It is just like I tell my kids, "Your life will be 100 times easier when you obey".

The second thing was apologizing to my boss, whom I got very snippy with yesterday. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had a work situation going on and it has not yet been resolved. I have been feeling an impending sense of doom concerning the situation and when I went to the gym yesterday to teach my class I was completely rude to her for the most ridiculous of reasons. I called her this morning to apologize and she responded to me with such kindness I could have cried. She knows the situation I am in and her exact words were, "Elaine, I just wanted to hug you. I know how frustrated you were". Wow!

So today is Super Bowl sunday and I am not really sure what that means. I don't really understand like watch football so I will probably sit in the comfy chair and read. Poor pregnant sister is hosting a superbowl party. She tried to entice me into coming with the promise of six feet of lunch meat and our favorite mexican dip. Alas, I have not been enticed! I will say this, I would love to get my hands on one of those microphones that the referees wear! Couldn't you just hear me now, "Foul, Husband, not putting dishes in the sink", "Penalty, Son, disrespect gets you a time out", "Foul, motorist, illegal use of vehicle." I really want one of those things!

Enjoy your football!


Jersey Girl said...

Dear Laney,
"Taste and see that the Lord is good". I have eaten of the same pie and know that it is good, for all the reasons you mentioned. It's even better than a shower after a week of camping out in the woods!
God bless you for your obedience.

gina said...

First of all, thank you for taking the time to link me up to learn about the sidebar set-up. Second, your kitchen looks great. Lastly, I took the time catch up on your weekend posts just now and I have to say you have a knack for getting the reader to take pause and be thankful for the little moments, the little things that add up to a GREAT life! Enjoy your week :)