February 4, 2005

A New Jersey Morning

This morning I woke up, looked out the bathroom window and saw that it was snowing. There is something inherently peaceful about being awake really early (before the children) drinking a cup of coffee and watching the snow fall easily to the ground. It is no wonder Robert Frost penned the poem:

Dust of Snow
The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree.
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

It makes me feel as if all is right with the world.

Last night I had ladies bible study and as always it is so difficult to get out of the house but a huge blessing when I do. After the study, we break into small groups. Last year I was in a group with a lot of older ladies and although I gleamed from their wisdom, I didn't really establish friendships. This year there are five of us, which is small compared to the size of the other groups, but it is great. We have really gotten to know each other and because we are a small group, we don't feel intimidated to share or get personal. We also laugh, a lot!! Three of the girls are new Christians and I am loving watching them hear and experience things for the first time. One of the girls was talking about something she heard on the radio about the Sadducees and she pronounced it "Sa-do-cheese". We all said,"Who?" and one of the other girls said do you mean the "Sadducees?" She started to laugh and so did we. I said "Oh they are that Italian family from Brooklyn". We laughed and so did the girl who said it, I just love the company of these women.

Today the boys have art so I need to get myself moving.


Jersey Girl said...

Thank you for sharing the Robert Frost poem. You brought seeing the beauty of a snowy day (which I miss dearly) right into this Florida dwelling.

gina said...

my thoughts exactly. we got about about 5 inches and it was still snowing when i woke up. all of the world was quiet and soft(it was the kind of snow that covered the trees completely(even the sides of the trunks). i couldn't wait to drive to the post office(see my post) because the road there is lined by woods on either side. while i was driving i did wish that i had thought to grab my camera to share the peace of that scene but your poem does the trick!

gina said...

No shower, I praise the genius who introduced flannel pj bottoms as a fashion statement and my baseball hat collection rivals that of any teenaged boy :) Now I need some help - when you went on my site did you see my newest entry right away or did you have to go under Feb. archives? On my computer it's not showing on the main page , only archives and I DON'T UNDERSTAND, AAAaah and today started out so productive ;)..

gina said...

i didn't know what i meant either but in order for my page to publish correctly on my screen i had to take off everything i added so i lost bloglinkers. do you think you could explain how you listed your list of links on the sidebar, because i would like to do that instead. thanks.