February 5, 2005

Random Saturday Thoughts

Last night my Dad called me and said, "Is this the Webmaster?" Too funny! He needed help putting a hit counter on his blog and I was more then happy to assist him in his endeavor. It gives me great joy to be able to help my dad because of the all the help he has given to me throughout my life. A hit counter seems very pale in comparison!

Kevin had to work late last night and when he came home we were catching up and he wanted to read my blog from the past few days. He read my Wal-Mart post with nary a chuckle and I said:
Didn't you think my Wal-Mart post was funny?
Yeah, it was funny.
Well, why didn't you laugh?
Don't take this wrong, honey, but you, your mom and your sister love to shop at Nordstrom because you get treated like you are the only people in the store. Wal-Mart is not the place for you.
My mind began working over time looking for something to throw at him say to him. And you know what, I couldn't think of one thing! You are shocked, I know. Imagine how I felt.

Yesterday while the boys were at art I met my dear friend Meg at a local mall for lunch. We had a wonderful time of conversation and laughing, she is truly a blessing in my life. We have so much in common and have lived almost parallel lives. My friendship with her is one of those relationships where we may not speak for a couple of weeks but when we pick up the phone it is as if we never missed a beat!

As I was waiting for her to arrive I was watching this adorable little elderly couple come into the mall. The man was holding her elbow and guiding her steps. She arrived at the door and stopped in front of it for him to open, which he did. I love to watch men taking care of women. It made me think of my husband and how much he takes care of me. I forget how much I appreciate him when I have to pick up his dirty socks! It made me think of something I read the other day. A husband was asked about his pet peeves and what his wife did that bothered him. He responded that the things she did and items she left lying around only served to remind him that she was there. I love that, he would rather have her and all of the annoying things she does then not have her at all.

Have a great day!!


Jersey Girl said...

Your energy level amazes me! You sounded wide awake when Dad called you and you put in an "iron day".
To Kevin: What's wrong with wanting a little one on one attention while shopping???

Donna Boucher said...

That is such a sweet thought! I just love it!

'reminds me that she is there'...


Laney said...

Watch it Elaine Laffey, Kevin may start his own blog!

Laney said...

That coment is from Kevin, Mom. I would never threaten you!

Jersey Girl said...

Kevin types????

Kim said...

My husband is a terrible snorer, and sometimes it bothers me a lot, but perhaps I need to remember that his snoring reminds me he is there!

Laney said...

Okay Laffey I do type and I'm thinking of bringing the boys to Florida with us! What do you think of that tough guy! Oh! I'm sorry. I get carried away when I'm typing at speeds of ninety words per minute!

Laney said...

Boy Mom! You really got him riled! The keyboard is smoking! LOLOLOL!!!!

Dy said...


Charles reads my blog, but he's taken to doing it at work b/c if he reads it at home, I sit there like a puppy waiting for a treat. "What? What was that? Wasn't that funny? You didn't laugh. Was it not funny? Did it come across as dorky? Oh, man, I'm a dork, huh?" So he reads it at work and I get no feedback! Wish I could get him to comment once in a while, like Kevin does. (Can I use that? "But honey, the other husbands comment on their wives' blogs!")

And yes, it's so good to learn to appreciate the things that remind us they are there. I love that story.