February 28, 2005

A Sledding Accident

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You can't see it too well but Jeremy has a bump on his head the size of an egg. The boys went up to the high school with our neighbor and his son and returned about 40 minutes later with an injured boy. Apparently Jeremy has speed issues he needs to work out. I was told by John that Jeremy started out fine but lost control of his sled and veered off into a bench on the baseball field. OUCH!! Poor baby. He came in and thru his tears said, "Mommy, can you read me a story?" So there we sat, him with a bag of frozen corn on his head and me reading Duck For President. He seemed to feel better after that. This morning he is bouncing around like his old self.

Last night I watched a little bit of the oscars, mostly to see the gowns, and I was disappointed. The dress I loved was Cate Blanchett's. I thought all of the musical numbers were over the top and I felt it was tacky the way they gave the awards to the "little people" in the aisle. I ended up reading the rest of Ann Coulter and went to bed way too late.

This morning John told me that I have the best blog of anyone because I write about all of the fun and crazy things in our life. He knows how to make my day!!


Jersey Girl said...

Laurie watched a bit of the Oscars too. She told me about it this morning and said Kate Blanchett's dress was her favorite!

Laney said...

That's because great minds think alike!!

Dy said...

OK, so forget the Oscars- which Coulter book are you reading? I have Treason in the freezer right now (spilled water on it...) and can't wait to pull it back out! Charles hoarked it to peruse when I first bought it- and then he wouldn't give it back. ROFL. SO, I still haven't read it. *sigh*

Boys are resilient. And evidently bouncy, whether you bounce them or they do it themselves. ;-) I love that he was comforted by snuggle time and a story w/ Mom. You are SO cool!


Laney said...

Dy, I am reading How to talk to a Liberal. I just love her "I don't care if you don't like me" attitude. I brought it to Florida and Kevin was reading it over my shoulder so I let him have it for a while but now it is mine!!!