March 1, 2005

Runnin' On Empty

Cost for a 6 week ski season: $300
Price for 2 bottles of juice and 1 bottle of water: $6
Running out of gas 12 miles from home: Priceless

Yep! That's my story. Yesterday was a "go skiing at the last minute" kind of day. It was a scheduled ski day but we were expecting some major inclement weather here in NJ and it was up in the air if we were going to head up there or not. Seeing that the snow was not predicted to begin until the afternoon I saw no reason to lose the day. I asked the boys, "Boys, you wanna go skiing?" A resounding "YES!" came from the family room. So we packed up all of our stuff, made lunches in record time, called my mom to say we were going and could she still take Joe and we were off.

I actually made it up there without getting lost! (Happy woman sings Hallelujah Chorus.) It was quite cold on the slopes yesterday so I brought a lot of clothes for the boys. They were so well bundled I could have bounced them, although I do not advocate the bouncing of children. We had some terrific runs and it was not very crowded so I could really teach Jeremy the art of slowing down using the pizza pie slice. They were doing great and just as it began to snow John asked me if we could go on the big hill. I said alright and off to the ski lift we went. Bees and dogs can smell fear and I am pretty sure children can, so I tried my best to assure Jeremy that skiing down a Black Diamond trail was the same as skiing down a bunny trail. Normally skiing does not frighten me but the slopes were icy and I had both of my boys to worry about. I told John to follow me, I had Jeremy in front of me and we did an easy zigzag down the mountain. I was so proud of both of them!

My mom had called to say it was snowing at home and I wanted to get going so we would not be stuck in traffic. I knew I needed gas but I hate stopping for gas and I really thought I could make it to our exit. Alas, I could not! One phone call to OnStar and gas was on its way. A State Trooper stopped to make sure we were alright and I told him we ran out of gas and OnStar was on the way. He gave me the head nod that says, "What is wrong with you that you let your vehicle run out of a blizzard?" He went on his merry way and the next person to stop was a man from the Dept of Transportation. Same questions, same head nod. He gave me gas but the truck still would not start. I explained that we had been running on fumes for quite some time and it was going to take a little more gas then that. Next person to stop was the OnStar guy. Same questions, same he.... O.K. I get it!!!! They filled me up, I gave them my most charming smile and thanks and off we went.

I had to call Kevin to tell him what happened. I could just hear the head nod but thankfully he just asked if we were alright and told me to be careful the rest of the way home. Thanks honey!!
He worked late last night and his company was offering to put the guys up in a hotel right there so he took that option rather then drive home and back in this morning in the snow. I always miss him when he is not here and night time is worse. He will be home tonight though, yeah!!

We are off to shovel!

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Dy said...

Oh, I'm sorry he's gone. Charles has been gone this week and while we're perfectly capable of functioning on our own, it's just a whole lot more fun when the hubbies are here! {{hugs}}

Don't know which made me giggle harder- the head nods, or the idea of bouncing the children. I think if they're well-padded, they probably don't mind at all. But then, I have a sort of Calvin & Hobbes kind of household... :-)

Glad you got home safe and sound!