February 17, 2005

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Can you name that tune? I'll give you a hint, no, on second thought, my lips are sealed!!!

I have been absent from the blogosphere because I was preparing for our trip to Florida. Kevin and I are down here in The Sunshine State while my wonderful, fabulous, super parents are taking care of our children. Last September they offered to come up and stay with the boys while we came down to their house in Florida. All we really had to pay for was our airfare because we are using their car and home. This is the first time we have been alone in a very long time. They really have no idea what a HUGE blessing this is. Thanks Mom and Dad, we love you!!

In addition to taking care of the boys they are doing schoolwork with them and keeping up our schedule. They are also on baby watch! My dear pregnant sister is due any day now and I would be most pleased if she would see fit to wait until I arrive home to have the baby!

We are pretty pooped today and are just laying low tonight. We are waiting for my brother to arrive home from work so we can spend some time with him. This is really what I have been looking forward to as we have not seen each other since Christmas.

Tomorrow we are off to the beach. How awesome is this???


Laney said...

Mom, The sun room looks fab-u-lous!!! The rest of the place looks great as well.

gina said...

LUCKY YOU! Enjoy and take some pics for the rest of us back here in the 20degree weather with SUN ENVY. : )

gina said...

and COUPLE TIME ENVY. : ) : )