March 16, 2005

Garbage Men


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We interrupt this day of classical education to bring you the following news brief. Three children could be seen hiding in garbage cans waiting to frighten unsuspecting passersby. A woman, looking on in abject horror, realized two of those children belonged to her. Hadn't she taught them not to play in trash receptacles? She thought so, but apparently the lure of terrorizing the neighborhood in the name of fun was stronger than their common sense. Our reporter caught up with the mother of the mischievous duo and she had this to say, "Where did I go wrong? Just this morning we were discussing the finer points of poetry by Langston Hughes." The father was not available for comment. We will bring you updates as they come in.


Anonymous said...

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, as an aging and intolerant old woman, I find this kind of shinannegins and tom-foolery indefensible. I was once scared by a small child when she took the lollipop from her grimy, sticky face and offered it up to me and I fell. As you may know, many seniors have osteoperosis. My broken hip should be a lesson to those young scamps.

Their mother should be ashamed.
Mary Wannastopfun

(aka Poppins Classical...)

Laney said...

LOL!!! Very good Sarah!!

Jersey Girl said...

Delightful! I love it that you posted "closed" and "opened" photos. What fun loving boys they are.

RANDI said...

HA HA HA! Boys will be boys, right?