March 16, 2005

Our Own St.Patty's Day Collection

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I love going to the library and viewing their displays of holiday books so this year we decided to do our own. Also included are the cards the boys received from Grandma, minus the green Airheads candy. We have been reading about discussing St. Patrick's for the past few days. Tomorrow we will celebrate with a few surprises! Tune in tomorrow to find out what they are.


Jersey Girl said...

Very impressive display! Thanks for giving my cards honorable mention.

Jersey Girl said...

I would love to see the shamrocks decorating the house. It sounds so festive.

gina said...

love it. Poppins had a rain gutters link a short while back, that I loved the concept of - even though finding a man to let you do it, might be near impossible. you've got the idea here.