March 2, 2005

His first lost tooth!

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As I was blow drying my hair this morning I heard the all too familiar scream "Mooooommmmmmyyyyy." The volume suggested the loss of a limb or fire so I calmly shut off the hair dryer and went to investigate. I walked into the boys room in time to catch Jeremy pulling out his first loose tooth! Here is the story I was given: They were wrestling and Jeremy bit Johns, umm, backside. He felt something amiss in his mouth and began to wiggle the tooth. This is when I was called and the rest is, as they say, history.

He is very excited at being able to use his tooth fairy pillow for the very first time. No more D.W. Tricks The ToothFairy for us! Tonight will be the real deal. How fun it is to be five!!


Dy said...

Oh how exciting that is!! And too funny- your boys are a riot, Laney.


Jersey Girl said...

There are only a few boys in the world as cute as this! I am glad that the rest of the cute ones are also my grandsons!