March 3, 2005

I Should Be Sleeping

I got home from Bible study at 10:00. I was planning on going straight to bed upon arriving home but I am all hopped up on caffeine. So here I sit. Alone. In silence. Ahhhhh.

Today we really had fun! We played two games of Operation and there is strong evidence to suggest that neither of my boys will be surgeons. I don't mean to disparage their character or abilities but they think it is really funny to "miss" the bread basket and make Sam's nose light up from the buzzer. Tell me honestly, would you want someone who thinks it is fall out of your chair funny to make a mistake operating on you? I don't think so.

We did get our regular skill subjects in, but history took a back seat to afternoon chaos. Jeremy is on his way to reading and I love the little grin he gets when he knows he is doing well. After lunch we played Connect Four and I have to point out some moves to Jeremy when he gets stuck. When we first began playing Connect Four he didn't really understand the concept and thought if he had four checkers anywhere in the slots, he had won. Funny!

Tonight in my small group at church there was a girl there that I went to high school with. We reminisced about being cheerleaders. She was always one of the girls on the top of the pyramid while I was the "base." "Base" is just code for "You are too heavy to lift." She was always someone that I got along with very well and tonight I was able to get a glimpse into her life as a wife and mother. It is always interesting to me how we move in and out of each others lives. I am glad I have been given the opportunity to know her better.

I think my caffeine buzz is wearing off. I am headed for b.e.d!!


K said...

You are doing a great job.Remember that spring is coming.Have I told you lately that you are very funny.P.S.-I love you!-4:40 AM.

Dy said...

"...would you want someone who thinks it is fall out of your chair funny to make a mistake operating on you?"

ROFLOL! Good point! I think that's why we don't turn them loose on the world until they can hold it in just a wee bit. ;-)


Jess said...


Oooh the cheerleaders and I didn't get along in my "B.C." days. But, secretly, there was some jealousy in my reasons (coupled with they were just mean to me). I'm happy to meet a nice cheerleader! ;-)


Jersey Girl said...

It's a sad time we live in when being a size 8 makes you a base. . . You are funny!!!

Jersey Girl said...
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gina said...

Ha,ha! I was a size 7 or 9, depending, so I did both, but prefered basing.( i like being in control) : ) Sorry, i didn't get a chance to call you back yet, things will be more settled and i'll give you a ring, next tues.( i know monday is skiing, right?) if you are around monday, give me a jingle. : )