March 4, 2005

Just a Regular Friday

Just so you all know, "K" from my comments Thursday, is my husband. My mother said it jigged her out a little before she realized it was Kevin. He posted really early before he went to the gym and she had no idea what kind of pervert person would be posting that he loved me at 4:40 a.m.!

So yesterday the kids had art. Their art teacher lives about 35 minutes south of us and there is no point in me coming all the way home only to turn back around to get them. While they are at art, I go to the mall. Usually Joe and I window shop and drink coffee, er, I have the coffee. But yesterday, I had a mission: purchase a strapless bra. HA! That was easier said then done. As I was walking around the mall I saw that Boscov's was having a sale. I meandered in there and went straight to "Intimates." Why can't they just call it underwear? The word "intimates" conjures up images best left to the imagination. I looked and looked but could not find my size. So I asked the saleswoman if they carry strapless bras in 34AA. After suppressing her laughter she said, No dear, you need an undershirt. Just kidding! She didn't say that but she did say they don't carry AA strapless bras. Rats! Folied again. She helped me pick out a 34A and I tried that one on, but let's face it, if there is nothing there, there is nothing there!

So I picked up the kids and their fabulous art work and we headed home. I know I have talked about their art teacher before but I have to say again how great she is. The other day Jeremy asked me if I knew who John Singleton Copley was and I told him that I only knew he was a painter. He said,"Mommy you should know more about him, he painted Paul Revere." Oh. Thanks Jeremy.

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