March 6, 2005

John and the Giant Expletive

My mother has been reading James and the Giant Peach aloud to the boys this past weekend. Yesterday morning she came to the part when the centipede calls James an A**. As soon as she read it John turned his eyes to me in that uh-oh, what's gonna happen now look. My mom, feeling she was in hot water, replied "That's what it says!" We all just laughed. I guess John took that as the green light and so he let the "A" word fly. I was not in the room when he said it but my mom told me about it later. She said John asked her, "Grandma, why is it so much fun to say bad words?" That opened up a nice dialogue about our sin nature and how sin looks like fun but in the end it causes you to do or say something that is not pleasing to God. I love his honesty!

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Dy said...

ROFLOL! That's so funny! We had a very similar talk this last week over the name "Bullshik" in a book we were reading. James said, when he saw the word, "OH! I thought you said, Bull---T" *gasp, gag* ACK!! NO! (Evidently, he was convinced I was emphatically mispronouncing it, so he had to check...) And where'd you hear that one, anyway? I love that we can talk with them, though, without setting up an us vs. them atmosphere. That's a good thing!