March 9, 2005

Playing Catch-Up

Monday was our last ski day and it was a glorious one! We spent the entire day on the black diamond hill, because the bunny slope simply won't do anymore! There is a hill devoted to stunts and moguls and that is where the boys wanted to go, so off we went. John was skiing in the half pipe and Jeremy wanted to as well. Yes, I said half pipe. I don't know what I was thinking either. I was using the straps for Jeremy and he was doing great but he lost control and fell half way down and then I fell. Badly. One of my ski tips was facing east and the other ski tip was facing west. Ouch, my knees! To add insult to injury, an adorable 20 something ski instructor came to see if we were alright and called me "ma'am." Move along, pal, there is nothing to see here!

On the same run, John took a little spill. As Jeremy and I were making our way down the hill we saw John walking back up the hill to get his pole. He had fallen and lost it at the botton of a rail. I told him to look out for the snowboarders and the words were not even out of my mouth when we heard, "heads up, heads up, heads up!!" A boy on a snowboard, flying thru the air. His target, my baby! I never saw a person contort their body so quickly in the air like that guy did! John saw him coming and put up his hands in the "please don't sit on me" fashion. They ended up with the guy sliding down the hill backwards with John sitting on his lap with his arm around the guys neck. Later, when I knew everyone was alright, I was overcome with laughter! The boy was very nice, making sure John was alright and apologizing to us. He said, "Hey, little buddy, you can't hang out at the bottom of those things." I told him he was going to get his pole so no one would impale themselves on it and that is why he was there.

Fun was had by all!

Monday night Kevin was called into work and that is always a little stressful for me because the next day I have to keep the kids quiet so he can sleep for a few hours. I was also trying to organize our school day as we have yet to be back on our regular schedule. At this rate we will be going thru the summer, but don't tell my kids that!

I hear the call of the wild...

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Meg said...

Hey Elaine!
Wow you go girl! Sounds like you all had fun and came out with all of your limbs attached (how're your knees?)Oh so you got "ma'am ed", huh? Hmmm hasn't happened to me yet...can't say I know what you're talking about....NOT!! It happens to the best of us!
Poor John! It must have scared the stuffing out of him...and you too!