March 10, 2005

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...St.Patrick's Day?

Today was super busy, but we made it. Many of you do not know that I teach group fitness a few times a week. I started doing it because I had a friend who was an instructor and she encouraged me to get certified and teach. She said you are here at the gym anyway, why don't you get paid to be here while doing something you enjoy. So I got certified and I have loved it ever since. I get to work out (and get paid for it!) and bring the kids with me. Daycare is free because I am an employee and I don't feel guilty bringing the kids to the daycare because I am right there if they need me. Many of my fellow instructors have been very sick and so I have been subbing a lot of classes this week. Today I taught a 10:30, 6:00, and 7:00. I realized I am not as spry as I once was!

In between doing that I managed to do a full day of school and a library run. This morning after our devotions we read The Sweet and Sour Animal Book by Langston Hughes. The boys loved it! During our library run we picked up another Hughes poetry book and a whole bunch of books about hurricanes and tornados. All day I have been answering questions related to category 5 hurricanes. Should we go in the basement? Why don't we have bilco doors? Will our house blow away? Can airplanes fly thru hurricanes? Do hurricanes happen in New Jersey? I said, "In Hartford, Hettiford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly happen." They did not get it. I, however, found myself to be very funny and got a good chuckle from my little joke.

We did a neat St. Patrick's Day art project today that yielded many extra shamrocks! The boys solution: decorate the house with the extras! I admit I was afraid at first, what with all the tape and string being consumed, but in the end I have to honestly say, Martha Stewart would be proud. (Now that she's out of The Big House!)

My poor dear hubby work out in the cold. We were watching the Weather Channel (could our lives be more exciting??) last night and Kevin said, "Oh, it's going up to 29 degrees tomorrow. Finally it's getting a little warmer." HUH??? We are tired of being cold. Spring, where are you?

I am now taking my overaerobicized body to bed!!


K said...

You really are funny.Feel free to call me with any weather related questions. PS.I don't get the joke! It must have something to do with literature.Love you!!!!

gina said...

Loved the link. Are you a member there? It seems like it's well worth the money. Brielle is obessed with hurricanes and tornadoes, we'll have to share info. : ) There is actually a book about the tornado that hit Worcester, Ma around 50 years ago up at the pharmacy in town, that I'm going to pick up for her, next time I go. Talk to you soon...

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