March 30, 2005

Who Says Science Isn't Fun?




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Yesterday the boys and I went to Liberty Science Center. Kevin had to go into work at 7 p.m. last night so I was able to leave Joe home with him. We really had a great time, there is so much to do and see. They were showing two IMAX films, one was about the Nile (I was pushing for this one) and the other one was called Forces of Nature and it was about volcanoes, earthquakes and tornados. We saw the latter and it was fabulous! The only bad thing was it made me nauseous! I had to close my eyes and take deep breaths a few times, this from the girl who used to ride roller coasters all day!!

The reason I always post pictures is for my parents benefit. They live in Florida now and I like to post as many pictures as I can so they don't feel like they are missing anything. I know you guys are probably tired of seeing them but a grandmother never tires of seeing her "next breaths!"


Jersey Girl said...
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Jersey Girl said...

I am not surprised The Forces of Nature was the IMAX of choice for John & Jeremy. I would have chosen the Nile, too. I do love the pictures, thanks for posting them. Now, can you do something about audio???
I love you all very much.

RANDI said...


I always get dizzy at the IMAX! We have seen one movie about Mt. Everest and one about Egypy-both amazing!

CMB said...

Very cool! I wish I had gone to the LSC when I was in school. I will take David when he gets older. I told Laurie over the weekend, but I wanted to let you know that I think you're an awesome woman! I look up to you!

Dy said...

Never tire of the pictures! They're so much fun, and I just love seeing the expressions on the boys' faces during their wonderful adventures. I'm glad you share it with the rest of us, too.

gina said...

Keep the pictures coming. They add so much dimensionto your blog. (Of couse maybe I'm just saying that 'cuz I like to post pics too .wink,wink<) Science definately looked fun for your boys!