March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

.Dying eggs

.Such concentration

.So meticulous

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Last night we dyed our Easter eggs. We meant to do it on Friday but the day got away from us. Joe had the beginnings of a cold on Friday and by that night it had turned into a full-blown mess. Coughing, major runny nose, the works! The poor thing didn't sleep very well and neither did I. I took him to the doctor yesterday afternoon and he gave him some miracle cough syrup that enabled him to sleep well last night. We are not going to be able to go to church today with Joe like this, so we will celebrate by ourselves. We are going to make the Empty Tomb craft from crescent rolls. The boys already found their baskets and have commenced eating chocolate.
Happy Easter to all!


RANDI said...

My kids made those "empty tomb" rolls in Sunday School-they loved them! Have a nice day with your family.

gina said...

How cute. Love the expressions :) Hope you all had a great Easter!

CMB said...

We dyed our eggs Saturday too with the same kit! Hope you enjoyed your Easter.