April 11, 2005

Curb Appeal


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Yesterday was simply glorious! We took advantage of the beautiful weather and finished up some landscaping. My darling hubby is on a mission to get the outside of the house looking lovely. John and I dug out some plants I was not overly fond of and Kevin and Jeremy sifted the rocks and graded the soil. I was glad John was my shoveling buddy and not Kevin because John picked up all the weeds and was on scary bug look out. Kevin doesn't care about bugs or me keeping my hands clean.

We planted some lovely flowers but we do need some more so the after pictures are still to come. There are no pictures of me working but I worked hard. Really. I did.

We had such a nice time working out there together. I am so glad my boys love to be outside!


RANDI said...

Looks like a picture of our upcoming weekend! I love getting outside and planting flowers, trees, etc.!

gina said...

It looks like your weekend weather was as nice as ours. Ain't spring grand?! We spent Sat. and Sun. outdoors all day too. love it. can't wait to see the after pics.

~*~Delaina~*~ said...

Can't wait to see the after pictures. We've been out doing yard work and planting flowers as well. Lotsa fun!