April 8, 2005

It's My Potty and I'll Splash If I Want To...


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I left him upstairs alone for 6 seconds and he not only managed to drink the toilet water, but flush the toilet as well!! Do babies not understand just how disgusting this is??? When he is 15 and I show him these pictures he will immediately enter therapy, I am sure. Is there such a place as Toilet Bowl Drinkers Anonymous?

He is cute though, isn't he? I know he needs a haircut but I simply can't bear the thought of chopping off those beautiful curls. Whenever my sister sees him she says, "Your hair is crazy!" We love the crazy look here.


Donna Boucher said...

That picture would gross me out...if I didn't know you were Mrs. Clean!!!!

I had a terrible time cutting my boys' hair too.

Jersey Girl said...

I love the hair! This is the "third child syndrome" in full color. I can't remember John's hair ever being out of place, let alone in need of being cut. Please leave the locks, they are darling.

Why do all children head for the bowl when free?

gina said...

He's a doll.
I would consider you lucky because Mackenna was EATING the TOILET PAPER every second she snuck by an unsuspecting sister BUT just yesterday -yup you guessed it ~ Splashing in the toilet. And I am NOT Mrs. Clean but I am Mrs. Germ/Gross/OCD so I was repulsed. I'm thinking of extracting the toilet and building an outhouse. :)

CMB said...

He is SO adorable and I love crazy curly hair - that's the kind I have! David loves the toilet too, but is OBSESSED with the toilet brush! That is very gross.

RANDI said...

SO CUTE! His hair is wonderful! A tossle of curls on a little boy is adorable!