April 14, 2005

Future Writers

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I recently purchased Typing Instructor Deluxe for the boys. It is a wonderful typing program, I am so pleased when I spend my husband's money well! The boys were both very excited to begin their typing journey and they have both blown me away with their abilities. My mother is an excellent typist and the boys are fascinated at the way her fingers fly over the keys, they both aspire to type as she does. Needless to say, typing is the newest fad in our home.

Now Kevin on the other hand, bless his heart he tries so hard. When I first saw him typing it was like watching the monkeys at the zoo with laptops. You know the pointer finger deal, searching for the keys. Oh it was funny and he has such a great sense of humor about it. When the TID came in the mail he was excited because he wants to use it too. One of his most endearing qualities is that he has an open mind and is willing to learn new things.


We finished Winn-Dixie over breakfast this morning. It was so good! I got a little teary at the end though and the boys always think that is peculiar. When we read Charlotte's Web I was a mess! (It's not really like me to weep over a spider dying!) So now it's onto Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder in addition to our other read alouds. Sometimes we read so much I can't stand the sound of my own voice!

I loved reading everyone's 10 things. We all vary so much in our goals and I love to hear about what is important to other people. Thanks for sharing!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Too cute!! What beautiful boys..you are a blessed woman.
Have a wonderful day!!

Dy said...

Beautiful boys!

Jersey Girl said...

Hi Jeremy - You have such good good typing form! How about typing an email to me?
Hi John - I loved your thank you note. Your handwriting is excellent!
See you in one week. Get ready for some exciting "ADVENTURES".

kevin said...

I typed this in 1.2 seconds

Laney said...

I love you, Kevin!!! You are so funny. :-)

Jersey Girl said...

Kevin - see, practice helps!

RANDI said...

When I read "Farmer Boy" to the kids, our mouths were watering over the foods described in the book! Sausages, apple pies, donuts-YUMMY!

mamabear said...

Okay, that's it - we're checking out Because of Winn-Dixie and Farmer Boy from the library!

gina said...

a typing program what a great idea. I'll have to look into one because they say typing works better than writing for ADHD kids.

Kimberly said...

oOOH! Sound neat. I love when my boys get excited about school stuff!

We'll have to get our typing program back out. I have the hardest time sticking with anything.