April 16, 2005

How About Some Fun?

This is funny! Tell me which one you would choose, the stairs or the elevator. C'mon and comment, you know you want to! Make sure your volume is up.

I commented on it in my comments box. I don't want to give anything away in the post.

Have a super day!


Laney said...

I would choose the elevator!! Doesn't that girl have any sense of adventure? There is just something about a disco ball in an elevator that looks like fun!


Carrie said...

Am I going up or down? How many flights? LOL -- I'm lazy -- I'd take the elevator -- plus imagine the story you'd have to tell!

gina said...

I'm with you guys ~ how could you pass up an opportunity to have a stiry like that to tell?!!

Jersey Girl said...

Oh, if I was alone, I could never get on the elevator with that guy! I would definitely take the stairs but I would be laughing all the way. It's still a good story to tell.
Your brother Jon is trying to figure how to get the disco ball working - he thinks it was great and wants to do it, costume and all.

Laney said...

Mom, That does not surprise me at all about Jon!! He was the first person I thought of when I saw the clip!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

LOVE IT!!!! I would have to take the elevator just for the experience. I love doing stuff that gives me a story to tell later.

CMB said...

That is funny. Everyone that I work with laughs at me for taking the stairs, but this time, I would take the elevator! I am a huge Disco fan!

mamabear said...

Okay guys, I guess that means I have NO sense of adventure. DH and I just watched that clip together, and we looked at each other and said "stairs" at the same time.
-ack- we must be getting old!

Kimberly said...

OOOH! Thanks for the note! How fun to get new reders/noters!

I would take the stairs,I always take the stairs. I can't stand being in elevators, LOL.

My younger 2 said stairs as well, and they usualy take the elevator.The oldest said he'd take the elevator. (wow, that elevator wold be INSTAND migraine for me!)

~*~Delaina~*~ said...

Considering I'm a little phobic of both small spaces and things that go up, umm, the stairs would win. Besides, I'd be worried about coming out with a black eye or something. That elevator didn't look quite big enough for all those moves. LOL

Thanks for sharing! That was funny.

Oh, I'm new to your blog. Love the pictures of your son, his smile, and his new hair cut.