April 1, 2005

He Walks!!


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Here I come!!!

This won't be a long entry because I am super pressed for time but I promised mom some pictures of Joe walking. He is so funny because he tries to skip walking and go into a full run, just like his older brothers!! He is doing great and appreciates the high praise and applause we give him when he takes some steps. He rewards us with his angelic smile.

Thank goodness for socks with grips!


Jersey Girl said...

Angelic smile is right! I can't wait to see the walker in person.

Kim said...

Ah, yes, the littlest one always wants to keep up with the big ones.

My youngest one never wanted to wear socks, even in winter, but it kept him on his feet.

gina said...

WOO-Hoo! Look at that grin!
Mack is always barefoot -unless we are going out -you can't beat the grip of 5 toes!

Dy said...

So precious! You can just see him thinking, "I can keep up now!"