April 4, 2005

Monday Blog

I don't know how you guys blog everyday!! I can't believe I have not written anything since Friday. Yikes!

We were very busy on Friday. The boys had art and I had an appointment to get my hair highlighted. You could actually hear my gray hair laughing at me! I showed them, I bleached those little buggers, HA, take that! Kevin was home because he had worked the previous night, so he picked the kids up from art, thus freeing me for my assault on the grays. Friday night we were just pooped and decided to go to bed early. Everyone in the house is battling a cold at one stage or another and a good nights sleep seemed like a great idea.

Saturday was the usual blur of teaching two classes in two different gyms and trying to get home early to salvage part of the day. We had torrential downpours on and off all day I joked with the boys about waiting to see Noah and the Ark float by any minute! John was hoping that nothing would affect his Cub Scout Lock-In that night. The Cub Scouts were scheduled to spend the night at the church for an evening of pizza, games and fun. I brought him over to the church at 8:00 and we picked him up at 7:00 Sunday morning. He was exhausted but he had a blast! We are so blessed with wonderful leaders.

Yesterday we went to church and the boys each had the lesson about building your house on the rock and not the sand. I love to hear them tell me what they learned and see the excitement on their faces when I actually know the lesson too. Jeremy will usually say, "Did you learn that in your church, mommy?"

I did a library run and I am very excited about this week and getting my new schedule implemented. This week we are going to have fun!!


gina said...

Glad you had a good weekend! I met 2 local homeschooling families at the park Friday and i am attending a co-op meeting in Leominster tonight... I'm very excited. Looks to be a good week coming up for everybody! :)
How's your hair look? Better than that- how do ya feel?!
Clouds just might be breaking here today(i needed an arc to do laundry in my cellar this weekend).:)

Jersey Girl said...

I can't believe I just now read your Monday blog! Glad to hear you won another battle against the grays. Do you think they will just surrender one day?
What new schedule are you on? I hope it is fun for you and the boys.

RANDI said...

I am sad to say that I am getting close to the highlighting thing too. Not quite ready for it, but I can see it around the corner-it's waiting for me! It just seems so "NOT ME!"