April 27, 2005

I Can't Think Of a Good Title

Well, here we are again!! Since implementing my new schedule and conquering Latin (cantcha just hear the Rocky music) I have been very busy. The new schedule is great and we are accomplishing mucho worko!! The best part is, it does not feel like work, it has been fun.

Today we were busy all morning and after lunch my mom came over to see the boys. I took advantage of her presence and went to get a manicure/pedicure then to the grocery store. I went to a new place to get my beauty treatments, a place my mother and sister both recommended. My feet were N.A.S.T.Y. The last pedicure I had was in Florida and I am very hard on my feet. Running does not help my feet either but it does wonders for my, er, posterior. In addition to the nastiness that is my feet, there is the shower issue. I get so much more accomplished during the day if I do not take the time to shower. Today is Wednesday and I last showered on Monday. I figure as long as I am not drawing flies and people do not throw their spare change at me or offer to but me a meal, I am doing well.

So I went to the salon and told the lady I would like a manicure/pedicure and she showed me the way to the pedicure chair. As she was filling up the basin and I was rolling up my jeans preparing to put my feet in the water, I realized, to my horror, that my legs were also N.A.S.T.Y! I have not shaved my legs in 4 days. It's beyond a five o'clock shadow, I have now moved into full beard territory. Oh well, no turning back now! The manicure lady noticed my legs and did a double take. It was a small one, but I noticed. As she was rubbing lotion into my legs she said something to the other lady in, I think, Korean. I am sure it was about my legs because she craned her neck over in my direction and chuckled.

She asked me what color I wanted and I told her that I like the color called Ballet Slippers for the French manicure. She tells me, "No, I don't like that color. We use my mix." Honestly I was so surprised that she told me no, that I just played along with her choice. (Plus she was razoring my feet and I did not want to anger her.) She chose well.

In walks another customer and her friend and I notice they are speaking Spanish. One lady (for our story she will be lady A) sits down in the chair to my left to get her pedicure while her friend(lady B) stands to my right. They are chatting away about the house that lady A is having built. I can tell they are now discussing nailpolish because I recognize all of the Spanish words for colors. The manicure lady is painting my toes and lady A asks her if she can have a French pedicure too. Lady A suddenly stops talking and I know what has silenced her. My legs. She saw my legs. I know she did because she started talking speed Spanish to her friend and I caught the words, "legs" and "hair." I was going to be embarrassed but then I thought, who cares? So I said, "I forgot to shave my legs." All the women laughed. I knew it!! They were talking about me but you know what? I still don't care.

Kevin and I are getting ready to leave for Colorado. His mother and my mother are splitting the childcare and we are so thankful for their help. Lest you think we are jetsetters, this has been an unusual year of travel for us. Normally we do not stray far from home, especially without the boys. I am armed with four books and I plan on reading all of them. We will be home Sunday night and back to the daily routine on Monday.

For anyone interested, I will try to post what our new schedule looks like when we return home. I am off to bed.


Carrie said...

Only four days -- that's not bad. Of course I know you were having a pedicure. I actually had to go in for an ultrasound of the veins in my legs, and had not shaved in over a week! I didn't remember because I had been up all night in the emergency room the night before, came home to sleep for a few hours, then showered and went back in for the ultrasound. I was so embarrassed!

mamabear said...

I LOVED this post today. A good laugh is what I needed. Too much stress in my life, me-thinks.
Have a wonderful time in Colorado! Enjoy the rest and the wedding. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home.

gina said...

lol. I just shaved my legs yesterday- they had stopped feeling stubbly and felt like mackenna's head. Yuck.
Of course we want to hear your schedule- we love stuff like.
~ Enjoy your trip ~

Chord of Three Strands said...

What a nice post!

I havenever had a pediccure. So they razor your feet I always wonderedhow they get rid of my dead icky heel skin,LOL. A razor sounds about right.

My website hasn't been orking (where the link to your blog is,LOL) so I hadn't been here for a bit. Sorry..

Sounds like your new schedule is working well! I need to get back on mine, something always comes up to throw me off and I'm not good at popping right up and getting back in the saddle while it's still warm.

Kimberly (kimsunits)

RANDI said...

HA HA HA! Funny post! I learned something new too, I didn't know that "mucho worko" was Latin! ;)

CMB said...

Have a great time in Colorado and enjoy your reading. Aren't babysitting mothers great? I sure love mine. I love your pedi story. I could always use a good laugh. I used to give pedis so I have some stories that would make you feel much better. Please post your schedule, I would love to see it. BTW, I am going to order the aerobic cert stuff for my Mother's Day gift!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Thanks for the Thurs morning laugh!!! I know how that leg shaving thing goes. I decided to wear a mini skirt to work on Tues (usually wear longer skirts or pants). All was fine until I was walking from the parking lot to the office. I happened to look down-bright sun ya know-& gosh, oh my gosh did I need to shave. I just ignored it & went on with my day. Ah grace!! Needless to say I have now shaved.
Have a wonderful time in Colorado.

Jules said...

LOL!!! This makes me laugh! Shaving my legs is so low on my priority list that I could see this happening to me. Actually, I am afraid of getting in a car accident and having the ER staff gasp in horror when they tear off my jeans! ;)

elaffey said...

Mucho Worko??? Are the boys learning that language too?