April 5, 2005

Joe's First Bike Ride

Joe's First Bike Ride


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Today was a perfect Spring day!! I was sitting outside with Joe while the boys were riding their bikes and waiting for dad to get home. They desperately wanted him to go for a ride with them and to bring Joe. Kevin, being the wonderful dad that he is, could not deny their request! Last year my thrifty husband found that baby bike seat in the trash garbage umm yeah, there really is not a good word for refuse! Anyhoo! He is a garbage picker and because of him my children now have the words "dumpster diving" in their vocabulary. To his credit, he has found some really fabulous items. (Ask my mother about the dressers in my bedroom!) I would also like to add for the record that we do not sit or sleep on anything that once called the curb its temporary home. You gotta draw the line somewhere!

Back to my original point.....

Today Joe had his first bike ride and he enjoyed it very much. I know you can't tell by the expression on his face but trust me, he had a ball. I was a little nervous for a couple of reasons. When I came home from my run Kevin was looking for a drill bit to make the screw holes on the bike seat larger. This alarmed me on a number of levels. The first of which was, what if the hole is too big and the screw somehow becomes dislodged causing my baby to plunge to the ground at a rapid rate of speed? The second was, what if the whole seat just falls off? At this point in time I kept my concerns to myself. As they were preparing to depart I asked Kevin if Joe would fall and he told me, "No." I am sure you know my next question, "Are you going to fall?" Once again he assured me that everyone would be safe. Now safety is subjective when you are talking about your precious angel being strapped over a back tire. As they were riding around the neighborhood I was preparing dinner but in the back of my mind I was waiting for cries of, "Mommy, daddy fell off the bike with Joe." Thankfully, they never came.

Last night at dinner Kevin said, "Hey guys, let's play states and capitals!" The boys love this and they are rather good at it. They inherited their strength for geographical matters from their dad, not me. (If you are in doubt of this fact go read all of my, "We got lost again," ski posts!) Kevin asked what the capital of Mississippi was and they were stumped. Finally John blurted out, Mistersippi! We all cracked up. Dinner has been a lot of fun lately! I think it's the biscuits, biscuits seem to bring out the best in people!


Dy said...

ROFLOL! I have tears, Laney! Actual TEARS! Yes, safety is subjective when it's your baby "strapped over a back tire". We've never worked up the gumption to go for the baby seat on the grown up bike- make me too twitchy. Your hubby is VERY cool!

And for dumpster diving- it can't quite be knocked by anyone who's actually done it. *grin*

gina said...

Another gem. :) Keep 'em coming, as if you couldn't, with YOUR family. They're great. So, how 'bout those dressers? I love a good cinderella story. Pictures?

Jersey Girl said...

Oh, Joe is cuter than ever! He looks like a little king on the seat of that bike. Hooray for Kevin! He's such a good dad.. and "diver". How about the time Laurie put in an order for a bookcase for her classroom and he brought home several for her to choose?
Laney, you are hysterically funny7!

CMB said...

Love the little guys face! Isn't it great that the kids can be outside playing! It is so much healthier for them. What Kevin is doing could make him a fortune on HGTV - just like Shabby Chic!

Jody said...

I wish I felt like I could keep the baby safe on a seat attached to the bike. We purchased a trailer.

Enjoy the good weather!

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