May 17, 2005

I'm Back!!

I know that I have been neglecting my blog but I have been very busy. In addition, my husband has been home for the past two days with a bad back. His presence, although wonderful, throws us off of our regularly scheduled programming. I have been switching out the winter clothes for summer clothes and the task has become quite burdensome! It looks as if a warehouse full of Rubbermaid containers full of clothing exploded, without warning, in the entire top floor of our home. I have to be honest, it is not pretty. So many clothes, so little time!!! On the bright side, last summer I was still too fat from having Joe to be able to wear any of my regular clothes so this year it feels like Christmas! To be able to put on a pair of shorts that I have not worn in 2 years is terribly exciting!


Some very sad news to report. Our friend, Mike, who I mentioned in a previous post, died last Friday morning. Today Kevin and I attended a memorial service for him at our church and I was just overcome with emotion. There were so many people there to celebrate his life and to grieve with his dear wife Maria. My heart aches deeply for her and their children and I once again feel at a loss for words. There is, however, great comfort in knowing Mike is with his Heavenly Father and no longer suffering from illness. I am amazed at the strength Maria has shown and what a testimony of love and commitment their marriage was to those around them. He will surely be missed.


On a lighter note, I have decided to school through the summer. I think it will work out best for us and help the boys to stay in a "school" mind set. We will have about four weeks off, one for Art Camp, one for Vacation Bible School, one for our trip to North Carolina and one for when we go camping with my parents. I plan on scaling back to the basics plus Latin and getting myself in gear for next year. I am going to go with Apologia Science and Tapestry of Grace for history. If any of you have had experience with them, either positive or negative, please feel free to share.


Chord of Three Strands said...

we school in the summer, just the basics and some, hopefully , fun pprojects.

So sorry about your friend and his family.

we did the clothes thing 4 weeks ago.

Chord of Three Strands said...

thanks- actually, the headache is coming back again- so I need to really make sure I start taking my med daily,LOL.
But thanks!

CMB said...

Laney, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I too was at a funeral today. Although it was for my great aunt in her 80's it was still a tough day. My prayers are with your friend and his family.
On a lighter note, it was great to see you Sunday! I hope we get to spend more time together soon. By the way, my Mom loves you and Laurie - she thinks you're both sweet!

Jersey Girl said...

Welcome back! Whew! It's a long time since Friday. Tell Kevin we're praying for his back. Love you.

Jules said...

I am sorry about your friend. That kind of thing is never easy. My prayers are with you!

RANDI said...

So sad about your friend, Laney. It is hard to truly understand God's plan in situations like these!

Apologia Science is wonderful-turned my oldest daughter into a science nut. She will be applying to college this summer-she wants to be a veteranarian. The Biology unit in 9th grade was the first one we used and she literally looked forward to science everyday!

mamabear said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend too. It's always sad to lose someone we care about so young.

On a lighter side (if that's okay)... we Californian's wear the same clothes all year round -shorts and t-shirts, no need for putting away them thar winter clothes. Boots-what're they?
(((bwaaaa--sorry-just had to be funny this morning))))
btw-just kidding. we have two seasons around here. hot and hotter. nope just kidding again. hot in the summer, and rain in the winter. Raining today-hmmmm... methinks winter has returned. Ack-break out the boots!

okay, now back to our regularly serious program...

I am going to continue hs'ing my kids through the summer too, but we are going to do a Fun Unit Study instead of the regular routine. It is through Usborne Books.
We're doing the Adventures in Knighthood. My kids can't wait, they are so excited to learn all about knights, prepare a medieval feast, create shields, etc.
I'm excited about it too.

Okay, now I've made all you people laugh today, I've got to go back to my dreary life.


Laney said...

Dawn, That sounds great! I should look into that, I have a "knight in training"!!

gina said...

Dawn-That sounds like a fun unit study- you sneaky teacher you.
Laney- since this is your blog :) Glad you're back- i'm heading out for a few days, but couldn't sign off with out visiting- I'm sorry about your friend. I hope Kevin's back feels better soon and I hope you find some sanity after tackling the wild wardrobe. (congrats on the shorts fitting!!!)

Spunky said...

You're life sounds so much like mine. A husband who is home, rubbermaid boxes of clothes, and a dying friend (my blog post tomorrow).

We are school all year round so we can take a break all year round :) Glad to see your back! I was beginning to worry about ya! Your just like my toddler you disappear so quickly and I kept asking myself "I wonder what happend to Laney!" (That's Elaina's nickname too!)


Dy said...

{{hugs}} I'm sorry for the loss in your life, and in theirs. I pray God grants His peace and strength in plentiful abundance over the coming months.