May 19, 2005

Bad Mother or Fun Mother?

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This is not a normal occurance, ice pops as a breakfast chaser, but I was on the phone. What canI say? These kids know how to work a room!


mamabear said...

Oh yes, you're such a bad mom, Laney, making your children draw a life size drawing with important "innards" drawn in Exactly where they are supposed to belong, and then rewarding them for a hard days work by giving them {gasp} popsicles.
Man, I wish I was as bad of a mom as you are.
{this is all said in jest-please don't get the wrong idea :-) }
You're doing a great job, and have the most adorable children ever!

Laney said...

Dawn, I would never mistake your great sense of humor for malice!!! You crack me up!!:-)

Jules said...

Bad mom? If that makes you a bad mom, then does popcorn for dinner make me one too? ;)

I love the human body drawing- inspiration from other homeschool blogs is always welcome at our house. :)

I also think your boys are quite handsome!

Jersey Girl said...

Ice Pops for breakfast??? Didn't your mother teach you better?
I'm alternating between laughing out loud and just smiling broadly as I think that I was on the phone with you while you were taking this and I was clueless! Thanks for posting - am I putting too much pressure on you by BEGGING/DEMANDING a daily post?

Jersey Girl said...

Oh, in answer to your question..

Fun Mother - positively Fun Mother!

Chord of Three Strands said...

they weren't breakfast, just a breakfast chaser...


Sounds like to fun to me. And you didn't even make the kids make their own popsicles and addd color and time how long it took the differnet colors to freeze.... so I'd say your doing great

Dad said...


I want you to know how much fun I have reading your blog, it makes me feel like you and the boy's are right here. I really enjoy listening to mom laughing at your posts and the other posts from all you're blogger friends.

I love you


Laney said...

I love you, daddy!!

CMB said...

Fun mother is my vote! Where can I see the 'innards' drawing? Those boys are the cutest!

Dy said...

OK, your Dad just made me cry. But the picture made me laugh. This is like one of my favorite movies, or a great afternoon w/ a friend.

LOVE the popsicles! Nuthin' wrong w/ the occasional non-nutritive item when you know they get plenty the rest of the time, right?


RANDI said...

I vote for "Fun Mother"! Sometimes you just have to eat the dessert first, right?