May 22, 2005

What's Wrong With This Picture?

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Where do I begin? Could it be that my baby is carrying a hammer? Or perhaps the lack of proper footwear while doing so? Maybe it's his pajamas with the feet chopped off to prolong their life (he is the third child after all!) No! It must be that he is outside in his new white socks. Well, whatever the reason, he sure looks cute!

I am blogging for my sister who said to me today,"Will you blog something new already! I make the effort of going all the way into the basement, turning on the computer and typing in all of your information only to have the page I have read 5 times come up again. If you don't change it I am not going to read anymore!" Nice, real nice!! You kiss your mother with that mouth??

Kidding, I'm kidding!!

So there you have it, a new entry!!:-)


CMB said...

What an adorable handyman! said...

what a cute picture, i hope you made your sister happy ;)

Jersey Girl said...

It's about time! WIth reference to what your sister said... my thoughts exactly.
You couldn't have done a better post than that picture. The PJs are a hoot and that smile, ohhhh, that smile. I love that boy!

Jersey Girl said...

Laney, have you made a decision about running the NYC marathon again this year?

mamabear said...

I'm glad I'm not the only mommy who cuts off their kids jammies at the bottom.
Come check out pics of my new kitties.

Way to go sis! Of course I'm bad too, I haven't posted nearly all week. Been a little busy I guess. Busy and tired. I sure love hearing from you though!

Have a good week Laney!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

You have the such cute kids, but this little guy always makes me smile. The socks will only get dirty anyway so what the heck...great photo op!! Love the hammer "accessory". All boy!!
Have a very blessed week!!

RANDI said...

Your little guy is obviously a ham for the camera-SOOOO cute!

gina said...

lol. I was thinking- uh, lighting? :) The rest is old hat- I've got 4. Now I know I'm not the only one who cuts the feet off the jammies to extend the life. :)