May 20, 2005

The Queen of De"nile"

So Kevin has been home all week and he is finally feeling better thanks to Dr.Steve, our friendly neighborhood chiropractor. He worked the miracle that our general practitioner could not. After a lengthy initial exam and two adjustments, Kevy is on his way to a complete recovery! He educated Kevin about the benefit of cold therapy vs. heat therapy. Granted, heat feels great, but cold does the healing. Unfortunately, my vegetables are paying the price. Frozen peas are fabulous because they conform to one's body shape superbly!

Because Kevin has been home, I have been able to run every day! Woo-hoo!! My running schedule looks like this:
Monday- 3 miles
Tuesday- 4 miles
Wednesday- 3 miles
Thursday-3 miles

I love running. I love exercising. I love moving. I hate when I forget my sunglasses in the house! That was my story yesterday morning. I was on my way out when I realized I had left my sunglasses on the kitchen table. So I did what any reasonable person would do. I picked up my cell phone and called Kevin, in the house, 15 feet away, and asked him to bring me my glasses. He told me I was the laziest person, EVER! But did he bring the glasses? Of course he did! Why? Because he is afraid of me Because he loves me! I will admit, I sometimes think I am the queen. Not the,"Let them eat cake" or "Off with your head" type of queen but the queen of the castle. Look, I live in a testosterone village and all day long I minister to the needs of my little princes. Sometimes, the queen just wants her sunglasses!

Today I am off to the ENOCH curriculum fair and I am excited this year because I have a plan. Last year I did not have a plan and I was so overwhelmed by all of the curriculum choices and books and presenters that I went into the ladies room to have a nervous breakdown. After my breakdown was over, I bought some swedish fish from the vending machine and went home. This year, there will be no breakdowns, but there will probably be swedish fish!

A little Ten Commandments humor. I rented the movie from the library because I thought it would go well with our study of Ancient Egypt. The boys loved it and it was so much fun to hear them exclaim, "Oooh, the Great Pyramid" and "Look, mommy, the Sphinx." We were at the end of the movie when the black smoke begins to float down the street and into the castle and the first born children begin to die. Pharoahs wife brings her dead son to the pharaoh and Jeremy said, very seriously, "He musta stepped in the stuff." We all cracked up laughing. Needless to say the Ten Commandments is a favorite around here!

(I know the title is cheesy, but it kinda fits. You know, I acted like a queen, I referenced the 10 Commandments, near the Nile. Get it? Get it?)


CMB said...

I can not tell you how much you crack me up! I am very impressed with your running schedule - now I know why you look like a million bucks! I am also very happy to hear that Kevin is feeling better - back pain stinks. I hope you have a great day at your event and I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Chord of Three Strands said...

Run Baby Run!

Glad Kevin is feeling better!

We are reading about Egypt's Middle Kingdom Today.

Jules said...

LOL!!! You are funny! I got the title- very, very clever, I might add.

I love the sunglasses bit! Your hubby sounds like a great guy- I think mine would have said "you got two broken legs?" ;)

gina said...

I'm so glad I snuck in a few minutes to check up on some of you. You crack me up Laney -just what I needed. : ) Yeah for your running!! And yeah for Dr. Steve too!

RANDI said...

You run 3 and 4 miles? WOW, I am surely impressed!