June 8, 2005

Be All That You Can Be.....In The Home!



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Here are my men with their new haircuts! I did all three of them, no ears were lopped off and no blood was drawn, I am so proud and they are very happy. I saved over $40 yesterday in my backyard!

So far this morning I have baked two pans of brownies and 55 chocolate chip cookies. In addition, I was up early to see my husband off to work, had my quiet time, got dressed, fed the boys, took pictures of said children and cleaned the kitchen. Do I qualify for the Army? Or do I have to have my rifle cleaned and inspected first?

I wanted to bake for our trip to N.C. The boys like to have baked goods and the store bought stuff never compares to mine. It will be so nice to pop open the tupperware and have chocolate chip cookies while sitting on the beach! Oh, I can't wait!!


While I was at the women's retreat, Kevin had to teach his bible study on Saturday morning so my sister graciously watched my boys. She was telling me about a conversation that she had with John. A couple years ago my parents took the boys to the movies and there were a group of teenagers there who were cursing very loudly. My mother said something and the unruly hoodlums said something right back. My dad was there and quelled the situation, thankfully! So Laurie was telling me that she and John were talking about that episode. The conversation went something like this:
Laurie: Were you afraid the kids were going to beat you up?
John: No.
Laurie: Were you afraid the kids were going to beat Grandma up?
John: No, besides, Grandma knows all about kickboxing.

We about died laughing! Laurie said to me, "He thinks mommy is a Ninja!" My mom takes kickboxing classes at the gym, so in John's mind, she is an expert at Martial Arts!

Kevin was telling me that on Saturday night the boys were at our neighbors house jumping on the trampoline and he heard Jeremy singing, "Ring around the rosie, pocket full of... bullets!" I would love to know the thoughts that continually run through Jeremy's head to make him turn a nursery rhyme into a tale of bloody mayhem! Kevin said he could not stop laughing. Mind you now, we do not liberally dispense firearms to our children, that's just how Jeremy's funny mind works.

Time for school, I hear the bell!


Chord of Three Strands said...

YEAH on the haircuts!

I do all 3 of mine, too. And I do my hubby's.

we need some 'school'. next week, I guess. I can't start in the middleof the week.

Jersey Girl said...

AAAhhhhh! Faces to go with the post, and what beautiful faces. Joe just makes me smile broadly. Oh, those cheeks, those eyes, that sweet smile. Laney, I love and miss them so much. Soon I will be hugging and kissing those faces as they patiently roll their eyes. Thanks for the pics and the stories.

You ARE Wonder Woman! Were you fighting off evil forces between cookie sheets?
I remember when I would make cookies for our annual trip to Lake George. Dad, as you know, is the packer b/c he's so good at it (like you). Well, he would pack the cookies on the floor behind the drivers seat and then, during the trip, he would sneak his arm around back and pull a cookie out of the container and sneak it into his mouth. He thought he was so cool - did you know that?

Yesterday, when we arrived home, there was a package for Jon from you know who at Forbes. Dad asked, "Is it ticking?" When I told Laurie, she said it would be just like Jon's "9 lives life" for Dad & I to meet the Lord b/c the package got us, instead! Funny, huh?

Jersey Girl said...

BTW - BEAUTIFUL! FABULOUS! AWESOME! Haircuts. So thrifty. Excellent job. I knew you could do it. After all those years of cutting your Barbie Dolls' hair, not to mention your sister's(ahem!)why did you doubt your ability to trim your offspring's locks?

Anonymous said...

Dude, Your awesome! You were on your second batch while I was trying to peal my eyes open. If your feeling energetic again bring it over here. I like cc chips! About the haircuts, let me say they look better than mine did many moons ago.
I did know about the cookies. Daddy is not the smoothest cookie monster. He always forgot to wipe the crumbs off his shirt. Love that guy!
Laine how funny was the package story?

Anonymous said...

I forgot- the story about Jeremy was so funny. I laughed so hard I spit my water out. That boy! You have to love him!

Jules said...

Laney I love reading about your days! And your boys are all so handsome. I also cut my men's hair- boy does it ever save on the pocketbook.

It sounds like you were up and at 'em this morning! Good for you- I wish I was half as motivated in the morning. My energy level peaks at around 2:00pm and again after 7:00pm. That makes my mornings pretty quiet and low-key!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Good work!! The guys are just too cute!! Have fun in vacation..& yep, homemade is always sooooo much better. I really admire all that you do. Such a good servant for the Lord in the way you serve your family & others.

CMB said...

Oh my goodness - those boys are so handsome! Great job on the cuts - I went to Cosmetology school and could not do what you did. Steve will be buzzing David's head for his birthday this weekend. I loved the conversation between Laurie and John. That is a riot, but so cute how he thinks of your Mom. I think you are the real life Wonder Woman - and anytime you have extra baked goods, I am not far away. HeHeHaHa

gina said...

I used to cut my girls hair too, until I was officially banned (and my haircutting scissors "disappeared")(What? They're JUST bangs- they'll be back in two weeeks, geesh...I guess we all have our weaknesses ;))
I could go for some of those snacks- 2 days of dieting and already I'm struggling...
Last, but not least, Have I ever told you?- You guys CRACK ME UP. : )

Donna Boucher said...

Your boys are very very handsome and happy looking dudes!