June 7, 2005

Have You Missed Me?

I have the feeling that everyone is thinking I fell into a black hole or was abducted by aliens, sorry, nothing so exciting! Wouldn't that make a great post, though!

Last Friday I went to Maryland for the weekend for our annual Women's Retreat with my church. It was absolutely terrific!! I would love to go into the things I learned but I am pressed for time this morning, plus I am still organizing my thoughts (this could take a l-o-n-g time!) I just would like to say that God is good, He is faithful and He is merciful!

I was encouraged to read over at Gina's that she has her joy back! If you want to be encouraged this morning, head over there and read about her breakthrough.

We are leaving on Friday for North Carolina, a week of sun and surf with my men! Ahhhh. My sweet husband has been working so hard, he is like a little boy, counting down the days until vacation. We have been very blessed by the owner of the condo we rent. He is a man, now retired, that Kevin worked with. The condo is right on the beach, literally 40 feet away from the water. He said that there would be no one renting the week before or after us and that we should go down when we want and stay until we have had enough. All at no extra cost, what a gift!

We will be in school the rest of this week so I will be busy. I know this is a short post but wanted you to know that I am alive and kicking! Great day to everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I did miss you. How crazy is that? I see you everyday. I am glad that you had a good retreat. I know your guys missed you. Glad you're back.

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Have a wonderful time. Sounds like heaven. I just love the beach! You and the "men" have a great time.
PS I had missed you also

gina said...

Talk about encouragement- your energy and positive outlook on life always encourages me.
You are a walking example that good things happen to good people~ glad you had a nice time at your retreat and WOO-HOO a VACATION- ENJOY!!!!

Jody said...

I, too, was wondering where you disappeared to. How fun your weekend sounds. I was hoping to go to DC to visit my brother, but, alas, my hubby cannot take the time from work. *sigh*

Jersey Girl said...

I've missed you (and your men!) more than I can express here. Glad you're back. I'm praying you'll get all your packing done and have a safe trip, lots of fun and family time in good weather.

Chord of Three Strands said...

what a wonderful weekend! Have LOTS of fun!

I just got back from my weekend.

CMB said...

I really missed you! I too went away this weekend - PA. Glad you let us know you're alive. I am sure you enjoyed your retreat - sounds like a great time. Have a real fun vacation - I love the beach. See you Thursday.