June 20, 2005

Beach Baby, Beach Baby





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We are finally home, although we wish we were still sitting on the beach in North Carolina. We arrived home very late last night and I have been busy this morning. I had to get up early to go teach an 8:30 step class at the gym, I was not very happy about that. But my darling husband is home today and he has been very helpful, as usual. We are in the process of unpacking and cleaning up. Why is it that we bring home so much more than we brought?

We spent the entire week on the beach in the sun and the weather could not have been more perfect or the company more enjoyable. We had a wonderful time and the boys were thrilled to find so many other boys their ages to play with. Joe ventured out into the ocean with daddy and the boys. I don't like to swim in the ocean because I like to have my feet visible at all times and seaweed wrapping around my ankles scares the heck out of me. The fact that Kevin and the boys found a baby shark the first day we arrived did not help matters either. So I watched from the shoreline and kept on the look out for Jaws.

The boys dug holes and a mini tunnel system, we found shark teeth and interesting shells, they went boogeyboarding and skim boarding, they buried each other in the sand, we used John's metal detector and found some spare change and John built a beach house out of old fencing pieces. There was no end to the creativity and fun!

We still want to move down there but for now we are in a holding pattern. Kevin needs to find a job (if anyone knows a lineman from Progress Energy, wink, wink!) and there are some other factors, but the quality of life is so much nicer and we are thinking of the future for our boys. We are just committing it to prayer for now and we will see what God does.

It was so nice to arrive home and read all of the comments. I missed you guys, too!


One last thing, I did not get into the marathon. I am not terribly disappointed however. It requires a lot of training and time that I no longer have available to me. It would have been fine if I had been chosen but it is alright that I wasn't. Gina, I read your comments about John. Bummer for him! How about Boston??


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Welcome home!! I know how hard it is to leave the beach. Ah, but to be able to live by the sea!! I'm so glad the weather was good & you enjoyed your time there.The pictures are great!! Your boys always make me smile & today was no different. They are such little cuties. Rest up!! Look forward to some more of your wonderful posts.

Jersey Girl said...

Welcome back! Dad & I love the photos. They are so typical - Jeremy is such a good older brother to Joe, John is constructing something, Jeremy and John are best buddies. Thanks for them. I am busy packing for my trip up there. I can hardly wait.
Love you

Maggie Ann said...

Your vacation sounds like a piece of heaven. I too would have been on the look-out for 'Jaws'. That just means you are a good mom. I noticed on one of your posts, you had talked about "My Heart-Christ's Home" by Robert Boyd Munger. Our pastor read some of it from the pulpit one Sunday for illustration and it touched hearts. Several of us listening, asked where we could get a copy and He sent off an order for some. Don't you just love the truths in that booklet. My heart, Christ's home. Glad to see it on your blog.

Jules said...

Hey Babe! Welcome back! I am so glad to see you are home safe and blogging! We missed you!
It looks like you had a great trip. Your boys are so cute. Isn't it hard to come home after a trip like that? I know the draw of visiting a place and wanting to move there. For me, it's the Rocky Mountains. If it were up to me, I would sell everything and just go, trusting that it would work out. Derick is the opposite and thinks he needs to have a little security, like a job. ;) Job, schmob!
I will pray that it all works out for you in that department!
Welcome back...

Carrie said...

So glad you had a wonderful vacation! I'm with you on swimming in the ocean. I don't like swimming at the lake when we go either. I want the only creatures I'm swimming with to be other human-types!

Jersey Girl said...

I copy you because you're clever, funny, talented, witty and you have all the good ideas!
What are you doing up so late?
See you tomorrow, can't wait.

RANDI said...

Hi, welcome back! Sounds like a nice vacation! I know what you mean about the after-vacation clean-up, YIKES! I think we accidentally packed the entire house-next time we will need to scale down!

Dy said...

Welcome home, welcome home! I cannot BELIEVE you were up and teaching a class at 8:30 - I'm thankful if I've fed the boys by ten the morning after we get in from a trip. Generally, I just hope I've left the cooler on the floor so they can forage. You are my hero!

The pictures are WONDERFUL!! You have the most adorable little guys, and it looks like the trip was such fun.

But, on a purely selfish note, it's really good to have you back. You were definitely missed. :-)

gina said...

What great pics- it looks like you had a blast.(the shark thing scares me!) Why do you want to live in SC? Just the beach or something else? John registered for a 1/2 marathon in NH this fall- Applefest...he's thinking about Boston - he ran as a bandit before, this time he's looking into TeamInTraining this time ~ he can earn a number and lots of money for kids with luekeimia - it's win/win! If you want to sign up for either of these let me know (We can all bunk together!)

CMB said...

WELCOME HOME! I missed you very much. I even took a 'vacation' from blogging because I was not inspired to write with you gone. I am so glad you enjoyed your time away. I love the pix! The boys looked as thought they had a great time. I am exactly the same when it comes to the ocean. I am a sand person. You rock for being able to teach an 8:30 am class after just driving home from vacation! I know what you mean about moving. I would love to pick up and head to FL. It is just a big decision. Anyway - so excited your home. See you soon!