June 27, 2005

There Is No Plan, Stan

Well I wish I could be interesting or funny today but, clearly that is not going to happen. I am working on very little sleep and too much caffeine! Normally the too much caffeine would counteract the very little sleep but I have been abusing caffeine for so long that I am virtually immune to its stimulatory effects. Big Sigh.

Kevin had the beeper this past weekend and he was called into work yesterday at 7 am. He arrived home at 12:30 last night or this morning, I don't know. I miss my husband! Saturday the boys and I went to a graduation party for my cousins and he was not able to go because he was on call so we hardly saw him over the weekend. The only way we have communicated is via this blog. Isn't he sweet?

I am wishing we were in North Carolina again. We had such a wonderful time just being together and life there is so uncomplicated. My biggest dilemma was which bathing suit to wear for the best tan line!

This morning I went to teach at 8:30. I am always truly amazed at how many people get up for my class! I am always truly amazed that my brain works so well at 8:30! It is rainy and humid here today and this kind of weather always makes the gym air feel icky, for lack of a 25 cent word. I was drenched after 15 minutes of stepping and I must say, I look just lovely. I am also emitting noxious odors. I keep asking my mom if I stink. Must.Shower.Now.


CMB said...

I know how you feel. We were at my cousins wedding Saturday and all the girls were sniffing their pits! It was a hot one. We broke down yesterday and bought a pool at Toys R Us! I know what you mean about the hubby working. I miss Steve when he does OT too. Have a good week!

Jersey Girl said...

I love the anniversary countdown! Cute.

Jules said...

I hope you got your shower! ;)
Isn't it a nice feeling that after so many years together, you still miss your hubby when he's gone? I told Derick the same thing this weekend- that even 10 years later I still enjoy spending time with him. It gives me hope for the next 10 years! ;)

Carrie said...

I'm "melanoma tan"! Hehe!

Dy said...

{{hugs}} It's nice to have a hubby you actually miss, isn't it? I hate it when Zorak's away for work-related things. I don't begrudge him the time, but I know he'd rather come hang out with us, too.

I'm glad you had such a great time in NC!