July 22, 2005

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Not necessarily in that order)

This is our old pool, only two years old and full of rust, we are so proud (not!)

This is a rust spot in the panel that is never supposed to rust because it is made of some super-ific crap that could save the world and leap leap tall buildings in a single bound (or was that Superman? I am so confused! But shelling out $500 for a pool liner to be installed will do that to a person!)

This is my darling baby boy, thrilled beyond words that he is able to stand in the pool! Sorry, grasshopper, but tomorrow when the pool is filled, this will be but a distant memory.

Kevin, our pool liner installer guy, is the hero of the day! Thanks to him we will, once again, be able to swim in the pool instead of gaze forlornly into a rusted out circle of sand. He came on Wednesday to install the liner but was unable to because our two year old pool was rusted out! He said in all the years he has been doing pools he has never seen anything like it. According to Kevin, the good pool liner installer guy, Nick, the bad pool liner installer guy, did a shoddy job. Ya think?? (Did I mention that the pool was only two years old?)

So off I went to the pool store, again, to tell them of my plight. Thankfully, they were extremely helpful and said I would have a new pool delivered to me before the day was out. They were true to their word and today the new pool was erected. We shall see what the fate of this swimming hole amounts to. (Did I mention that the pool was only two tears old?)

I asked Kevin, pool liner installer guy, what he thought the chances of us getting money back from Nick were. After he recovered from his hysterical laughing fit, he told me simply, "It don't look good."

In the meantime I shall be happy that the pool store replaced our pool and gave us a lot of free stuff. (Did I menti- Oh, I see I already mentioned that!)


CMB said...

I am so gld you got a new pool, but understand the frustration with Nick (or should I call him something else). Happy swimming!

Jess said...

Woooohooo, what a nice lookin' waterin' hole ya got there woman!

I am envious! And I'm sure the pool was more than two "tears" old as you said. ;-)

Hugs, enjoy that pool!

melissa in VA said...

Pool looks great! Something tells me it will get lot's of use this summer!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

You've only had the pool 2 years???
I'm glad the store was reputable & took ownership of the problem.
Have fun swimming. You'll need it in the weather.

Donna Boucher said...

They don't make things like they use to!

Did you say only two years old??? :o)

We have a washer that is starting to act crazy after only five years! The one it replaced chugged along for 20 years! Ugh!


gina said...

Hey! Over the weekend our refrigerator broke down (luckily, we hadn't restocked for the week yet!!!) Guess how old it was ? Yup, two years. Whatever happened to quality?