July 13, 2005


Well, Jules is in need of some meal prep advice today. I decided to blog about it, like Dy, because I have a lot to say.

First of all, I think the top three missing food groups are:
1) Jelly Beans
2) Peanut M&M's
3) Twizzlers

Now that I got that off my chest, I can begin!

I am not the world's greatest cook but I am getting better. I don't consider myself to be in the "can't boil water" category by any stretch but I am not a gourmet. I like the basics and every once in a while I get really creative but I can't be bothered with recipes that require me to hunt in grocery stores for the ingredients. I stick to the same things, chicken, pasta, sausage, chopmeat and beef. We are definitely carnivores!

I think my crockpot saved my family from imminent death by starvation! A terrific reference is Fix It and Forget It. It can be borrowed from the library (or given as a Christmas present from your mother. Thanks Mom!). There are some fabulous ideas in that book and I have 90% of the ingredients on hand. I usually need to buy one type of veggie or can of soup or something like that. It takes approximately 30-40 minutes to prepare meals in the crockpot in the morning. Then you have wonderful odors emanating from your kitchen all day. I love the crockpot. Did I mention I love the crockpot? Here is a link to a great recipe from my mother.

I use my cookbooks a lot. My favorites are The Farmhouse Cookbook by Susan Loomis, FIFI (crockpot) and my Betty Crocker Cookbook, you know, the one that proclaims your passage into domestic goddess-ville. The one with the red cover that every woman in the world owns. Use it, it's good.

I am a list maker, always have been, always will be. I usually plan what we will eat about one month in advance and by that I mean I try to have the basics in the house at all times. We love Zatarains products. Their Jambalaya with some sausage thrown in or Black Beans and Rice over a chicken breast are terrific. If you like spicy foods, try them.

We really are creatures of habit and tend to eat the same things. This probably did not help at all but I hope it did. Go bother my sister, she has some great recipes.


gina said...

Crockbocks are great for chilly days - fall, my favorite season. Peanut M&M's do count as protein, right?

Jules said...

Thanks for the ideas! I have a crockpot cookbook but it is not the one you suggest. The one I have I don't really like so maybe I'll try yours. I also have wanted to try Zatarains stuff but I hesitate to buy anything in a box because I swear it all tastes like cardboard! Hmmm... maybe I'm just a little too picky? ;) I will try some the next time I go to the store as we looooove the spicy stuff!