July 14, 2005

The Call We Have Been Waiting For

I posted a while back about our strong desire to fly south for the winter (the winter being the rest of our natural lives.) We love North Carolina and have felt the beckoning call of the south and a better quality of life for some time now. In the past Kevin and I have been guilty of making impulsive decisions and regretting them. We have made bad money choices and paid the consequences and we don't want to be in either of those places. Ever. Again.

We first began praying about a move to North Carolina about three years ago after our first vacation there. That first year it was, "Wow, wouldn't it be great to live here." Nothing really concrete, just kicking ideas around. After last years vacation and getting stuck down there (the van saga) we really began to think we could live happily in N.C.

We began to pray in earnest for God to open a door and Kevin began the leg work of finding a job. He is a lineman for a utility here in NJ and because of his qualifications, he can go pretty much anywhere and work for a decent wage. The problem: getting an interview. It really is a who you know situation. He got an interview and his current job because of the recommendation of a close family friend. I just want to say about my husband that he is a hard worker and a stellar employee. He has a strong work ethic and he takes his job very seriously. I say all of that lest you think he is a hop* who was given his job solely because of nepotism.

He had been submitting his resume to the utilities in the Wilmington area for quite some time, with no response. (They have a strict, don't call us policy) This had become frustrating for him and he finally printed a hard copy of his resume and faxed it over. A few days later, he received a phone call about getting scheduled for a skills test. The person who called him got the cart before the horse and that whole lead fizzled out. (Due to their mistake, not Kevin's pursuit.) As we were preparing for vacation he told me he was planning on bringing copies of his resume and going to the utilities in person. That did not work because the headquarters are in Raleigh. It was bothersome to Kevin but he was not daunted in his goal. We went to the Calvary Chapel in Wilmington (the church we attend when on vacation) and he talked to some of the men there. One of them knows a lineman and promised to have the guy call Kevin. Well the guy never called, instead the utility did!

This past week a girl called and wanted to schedule Kevin for the CAST test, basically an entrance exam. He has been communicating with this wonderful gal and really plodding ahead. They wanted him to come down tomorrow and take the test. He was all ready to go when the gal called back. The point of her call was to find out how serious and motivated we were to make such a big move. He told her we were very serious and they chatted a little further. She is rescheduling his test for next week so they can interview him as well. This is a very good sign!

So now we are in a holding pattern. We have been praying for God to do the work so we would not move ahead of Him, something we have done in the past and like I said, don't want to do again. We don't know what will happen but God does. It is not a matter of us running away from something but rather running to something.

So for now, we will have to wait and see. But here's to hoping!!

Hop: this is my father's word. A loose definition is a load or a stinker. You would have to be a) a member of our family or b) from NJ to truly understand the meaning of that word. Sorry, we're weird! But in a funny way!


RANDI said...

I will hope along with you, Laney!

CMB said...

That is fantstic. Congrats and good luck. I will miss you dearly, but you deserve everything you want. Can't wait to hear how everything goes. You know they'll love him.

gina said...

How exciting. I hope things go well, wanting to do an interview at the same time sounds promising!

mamabear said...

Laney, I'll join you in prayer about this, and for God's will to be shown.

We too, have made poor decisions financially speaking in past years, and it always comes back to bite us in the butt, so to speak. I have slowly been learning to seek the Lord's Will instead of trying to force my own.

You guys are good people, and I know good things come to those who wait upon the Lord.
Blessings to you, my dear.

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

I will join you in this prayer, also Laney. I know exactly what you mean about the past decisions. Been there...done that. It is so hard to wait on God, but always the best course. Perhaps all of us in this boat should become the "Bad decisions of the past Club" & remind each other that God's time is always perfect timing when we get impatient.
Good for Kevin for hanging in there. Good for all of you for trusting God to bring this desire of your heart to fruition.
Blessed be...

Jess said...

I will be praying for you Laney! I've been going through something similiar I can't publically talk about but I'll e-mail you. :-)

Donna Boucher said...

Gods timing is perfect!


Jules said...

Wow! That is terrific news! I will add my prayers to the ones already here.
Keep us posted and remember to trust in the plan God has for you.
I need to remind myself of this too- hop over and read my saga. ;)

Dy said...

When you leave it in God's hands, and just do what He has given you the ability to do, it's AMAZING! I still remember hearing, "HONEY! Come look at this job description!" and less than a month later, we were moved in four states away and getting all settled in! It was just time. When the call comes, sometimes it comes fast.

I will be praying for clarity, direction, and stamina!


Kevin said...

Thank you for your prayers everyone. God is faithful and His mercy endures forever! Kevin