July 2, 2005

Rumsfeld's Worst Nightmare

.Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Pint sized terrorist wielding said weapons. Do not be deceived by his adorable face and innocent cookie eating, they are all part of his evil plan to distract you and then whack you in the shin.

Ahh, kids! Gotta love 'em!!
Jeremy on watching fireworks: Mommy, they are an amazing display and a beautiful sight, come look.
Be still my heart! How could I not look?
Last weekend, Kevin and the kids and I were swimming in the pool before we had to get ready to leave for a graduation party. I asked Kevin what time it was and he said it was 12:45. It was actually 12:43, but the point is, he could tell by looking at where the sun was positioned in the sky. I was fascinated! I wanted to know how he accomplished that feat. He of course attributes it to working outside. He then proceeded to quiz me on direction and the location of the sun. (Incidentally, I love that.)

K: Which way does our house face?
L: What do you mean?
K: What direction?
L: (Admittedly, I am puzzled) Ummm, the street?
K: laughs, What direction does the back of our house face?

Alright, if I don't know the way the front faces, I am certainly not going to know which way the back faces and there is not enough time to run to the truck and look at the compass on the rearview mirror.

L: Ummm, the neighbors? Why do I have to know these things?
K: In case you get lost.
L: If I get lost in my own backyard, I have bigger problems then direction, sweetie.

We are off to the parade this morning. I love parades, don't you?


CMB said...

Love that conversation - Steve and I have similar ones. Have fun at the parade and have a happy 4th!

Carrie said...

I am also directionally-challeneged and it drives my hubby crazy! Have a wonderful 4th!

Kevin said...

I love you honey; and you really are funny. Have you ever been lost in the back yard? Come on, be honest?

Jess said...

LOL you sound just like me. After 3 years of living here I'm proud to say I can now understand directions like "turn west at park ave" - I used to have to call DH. ;-)

Too funny... Being geographically challenged with a truck driver hubby is interesting to say the least. Thank goodness my oldest takes after his father, he's already corrected me...LOL

Laurie said...

I could eat Joe's face!! Don't worry if you get lost in the backyard I'll come and save you. By the way it's north. (The front) I am not directionally challenged!!

Dy said...

ROFL! Good point. I love it. You guys keep heading in the direction you're going, and you're destined for a long and happy life together- no matter where you end up.

And those boys! Oh! Love them!


gina said...

LOL- our town's parade is tomorrow- nothing beats a good parade!
Happy 4th to you and yours!