July 18, 2005

Water, Water, Everywhere!

On Friday I was looking out the kitchen window and noticed a water bottle trying desperately to save itself from death by pool filter suckage. I went outside to retrieve the water bottle when I noticed that the ground beneath me was quite squishy. I really wanted to chalk it up to the kids splashing too much, but my gut was telling me that something was amiss. This coupled with the fact that the water level was slowly diminishing lead me to believe that we had big problems.

I went out to the store and over to Laurie's for a couple hours and when I returned home, Kevin was already there. He was also concerned about the pool and said he was pretty sure we had a leak. We discussed my astute observations from earlier in the day and he commented on the freakishly large bubbles in the bottom of the liner and said, "We've got a leak." The word "leak" is an optimists way of saying, "We have two large gaping holes in the panel that is not supposed to leak, ever, but is now leaking and causing all of the water in our pool to run all over the newly fertilized grass and down the driveway. The holes in the side have caused air to gather between the liner and the panels, creating large wrinkles. Our children keep throwing contraband into the pool and one of the pieces of contraband must have caused a hole in the bottom of the liner thus causing drainage from the bottom of the pool as well." That is not the official Webster's dictionary definition, but it is pretty close.

Good news: the pool is guaranteed for twenty years (or until we need a National Guard water evacuation) so we will be getting the piece with the holes replaced and a new liner installed for free. Kevin says if it is not done by the end of this week he is going to make a stink. I said, "Oh,no! Please, not a stink!" What does that mean anyway? Is he going to go into the pool store and emit noxious fumes via his, umm, ahhh,... ya know what? Let's not go there. K?

Fast forward to Sunday and the rainstorm that could make the Great Flood look like a mere puddle. Torrential downpours, ten inches of water in thirty minutes! Eeek! Normally the basement remains very dry, thanks to Kevin's hard work installing a french drain and sump pumps, but this rain was unnatural! I told my sister it was like end of the world rain. So the basement took on water and the rugs are wet. Oh, well, I guess we could always swim in the basement.

Today was the boys first day of Vacation Bible School and they had a blast! Neither one of them was ready to leave when I went to pick them up, that is always a good sign that fun was had by all.


I would also just like to thank you all for the wonderful compliments about the pictures that I posted the other day. It was a real shot in the arm and I greatly appreciate your kind words! Thank-you!!


Laurie said...

No one told me that there was a pool party in the basement! Thanks alot!

Laurie said...

My computer cut me off!! First the answering machines and now this!!Anyway, I hope that Kev doesn't make a stink. I have to live in this town!

Jules said...

Yuck! Sounds like you have a mess to clean up- or wait until it soaks up anyway. Glad to hear the pool is guaranteed- what's a summer day without a swim? ;)

RANDI said...

Hope your pool problems are fixed soon, midsummer is no time for it to be broken!

My kids are at VBS this week to-my one week of the year to have 5 mornings free, I love it!

CMB said...

Oh no! I hope you are cleaned up soon and the pool is fixed.

mamabear said...

God bless those wonderful people that run VBS! What would we ever do without them.


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

You poor kid!! Good luck with the repair & cleanup.
I'm there with you in spirit.
Blessed be...